Service Dogs, Do We SEE Them?

I‘m a “people watcher”, but I’m also an “animal watcher.” I always notice when someone has a service dog. I tend to watch them to try to pick up ques to see if they seem happy. I wonder if anyone else notices them. If anyone else worries about their well-being as much as the person’s well-being. Dog Certifications

This topic came to me when I was at the grocery store tonight. I passed a woman with a service dog. I watched him. It’s probably because they are working, but they always look sad to me. This dog looked like he was walking funny on his back legs. Maybe he was older and it was arthritis. Maybe it’s just the way he walks. I don’t know. But I said a prayer for him, that HIS needs were being met as well. After all, he is helping the woman live her life, he should get what he needs and deserves in return.

Then isles down there was a couple with a service dog. I can’t remember the last time I saw someone at this store with a service dog and tonight, two! So again, I watched. This dog also seemed sad to me. But the couple seemed happier than the woman I saw earlier. The man noticed a little girl looking at the dog, so he asked her if she wanted to pet him. This man and his wife were smiling, so to me they seemed nice. Somehow this comforted me in regards to their service dog.

But I’ll never forget one particular service dog. When I worked at a hotel, I was checking in a woman with a dog. Being the animal lover that I am, I was talking to to her about the dog and mentioned petting it. She told me that he was “working.” I said “oh, well I bet when you get to the room, you’ll be able to give him some petting.” She said “No, he is always working.” “But there must be some time that you are able to give him some petting and relaxing time.” “No, he is always working. No need to confuse him with getting out of the routine.”  What?! This poor dog was never getting any affection. It broke my heart.

I have nothing against dogs as service dogs, I am just thinking and wondering if anyone notices them in the way I do? I am almost certain most people walked by those people with the dogs and maybe thought a few things like…”what a cute dog” or “why is there a dog in the store” or “I wonder what’s wrong with that person that they need a dog?” Then they finished shopping, paid, and walked out to their car thinking about what they are going to do when they get home. Then there is me. I walked by them, observed them, prayed for them, and was thinking about them through the parking lot and at home…hence the post.

2 thoughts on “Service Dogs, Do We SEE Them?

  1. colinandray

    Perhaps their (service dogs) lives are much like humans. Could be better… could be worse. While I can understand your concern, the dog’s perspective is of more validity than yours or mine. The dog that is “always working” is probably getting regular meals,health checks and rest (when its owner sleeps!). It may be falling short in the TLC area, but I have known people who are also in that “group”.
    In contrast, there are many dogs out there that are struggling to survive at any level… and I have known people in that group also. It comes down to where do you wish to focus your attention?

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    1. Animals Are Feeling Beings Too Post author

      Totally true points, except I feel since humans have the power over animals in this world (unfortunately), that they NEED people to pay attention. I am one of those people. And thank God there are other people who help other “humans” as well. I totally agree animals and people both have needs. I do care about both, but my heart is in animal welfare.
      As far as the dog’s perspective, it’s hard for me to believe that it isn’t a NEED to have TLC and a basic right to have it. I believe it is WITHIN them to crave and need TLC. I have a hard time believing they are truly happy without it.



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