This Tuesday Tale: It’s My Birthday

Today is my birthday so I thought I would do a little bit different kind of tale, a tale about me. This will be my first “Tuesday Tale” about a human. But hey, as I always say, we humans and animals are all living, feeling beings…so why not?!

At church this past Sunday, the sermon was about fear. In this sermon and the one before the topic of being frozen in life was spoken about. When you’re fearful, you become frozen. They go hand in hand.

What does this have to do with me? Well, here I am another year older and I have been thinking a lot about my life, especially the last few years.

I think I have the fearful thing down pretty good. As a child I was fearful of many things. Afraid to speak in front of the class, to go to gym class, to try new things, of being rejected, of failing…the list goes on. I can say these fears did 100% freeze me. I only did was I was comfortable with, never going outside of the box, not trying very hard, never stretching myself.

As a young adult, I worried about jobs, about money, about relationships, about my health, making changes…the list goes on. Again, these fearsย froze me.

Now as an older adult, I worry about getting older, money, retirement, relationships, my parents, our country, my health, making changes, and Cino. A lot of the same things. But as you get older things start getting a little more serious. You start thinking about yours and those you love’s mortality. You start thinking about whether you will ever be able to retire, if will you have enough money to live, if will you keep your health, if will you be alone. Again…the list goes on. Ugh!


In this sermon, she spoke on how you can stay frozen in your fears and in doing so you will miss out on a lot. Not only will this hurt you, but it will hurt those around you because you will not be able to be the “you” you can be and were created to be.


(The video and song below is powerful. It’s about making the choice to live. I hope you crank it up, listen to the words, and enjoy)

If we experience an illness, a loss, rejection, or any of those things we fear, what it comes down to is how we handle it. And if we face death, what it comes down to, what really matters, is how we lived!

So, here I am another year older. I don’t want to be full of fear and I don’t want to be frozen. I want to LIVE! So here is to a year ahead full of living and blessings for me and for you!

(The picture below is not Cino, it was a picture shared with me. This cat is Olive and she is celebrating her birthday in this photo. I am more than happy to end this post with an adorable animal celebrating her birthday just I am doing today!)


16 thoughts on “This Tuesday Tale: It’s My Birthday

  1. foragreaterpurposeblog

    I know that place of frozen very well, thank you for sharing on your blog. I have been trying to get mine going but I have struggled to figure out this “Word Press” site to get it moving.
    Frozen is definetly not a place of much life! It robs, steals, and can kill much of what life we have in trying to make those healthy choices. But one thing you have going for you and would like to encourage your pursuit. Your faith! Keep it strong, seek His face 24/7 it’s the only thing that will pull you through those hard times. I spent 27 years on Meds because of this, now I am one year out and off, free to be who He created me to be. But it has only come by focusing on His truth and reality. Keep standing!!! You got this.

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