This Tuesday’s Tale: Pigs, Goats, and a Wombat…Oh My!

This week’s tale isn’t about just one animal, it is about 16 of them.

I saw this article called “16 Amazing Animal Stories That Prove 2016 Wasn’t All Bad” on What really struck me about this article was that it was about people being compassionate. Take the guys below. A bachelor party in the woods turned into helping a mother dog and her puppies.


It was also about animals being compassionate. Watch the video below for a touching story about a man who rescued a dog, that dog rescues a hummingbird, and, as the man says, “the hummingbird rescues them all in a sense.”

As for the goat pictured above, her name is Polly. She is blind, has neurological problems, and suffers from anxiety. This duck costume calms her down. To read the full story about Polly and the rest of these heart-warming stories, click here. The article has a paragraph on each one. To read the entire story on any one of them click the title link.

People helping animals, animals helping people, and animals helping one another. Ahhh…what would the world be like if we all did this?!

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