This Tuesday’s Tale: In Sickness and In Health

Vow, let’s look at the definition (taken from google search).

noun: vow; plural noun: vows
  1. 1.
    a solemn promise.
    synonyms: oath, pledge, promise, bond, covenant, commitment, avowal, profession, affirmation, attestation, assurance, guarantee; More

    word, word of honor;
    “a vow of silence”
    • a set of promises committing one to a prescribed role, calling, or course of action, typically to marriage or a monastic career.
verb: vow; 3rd person present: vows; past tense: vowed; past participle: vowed; gerund or present participle: vowing
  1. 1.
    solemnly promise to do a specified thing.
    “he vowed that his government would not tolerate a repeat of the disorder”
    synonyms: swear, pledge, promise, avow, undertake, engage, make a commitment, give one’s word, guarantee;

    “I vowed to do better”
  2. 2.
    dedicate to someone or something, especially a deity.
    “I vowed myself to this enterprise”

I particularly like the following words used to define “vow”-promise, bond, commitment. 

I read all too often about people giving up their pets or simply abandoning them if they get sick. There are certain situations where someone just simply can not afford the care an ill pet may need. Bu then again, would we deny a human the right to medical care even if we couldn’t afford it? I am not judging, I know some people who truly love their pets have had to make some tough decisions. I am mostly talking about those who do not find an animal worthy of medical care, the cost, the time, or the “inconvenience”.

Isn’t a pet a family member? Wouldn’t you do everything you could for a family member if they were ill?

We don’t just make vows to our husband or our wife; we make them to our children, our parents, our friends, AND to our pets. We wouldn’t abandon our child, our parents, or our friends if they became ill. Why would we abandon our pet?

Today’s Tuesday Tale is about a few fellow bloggers who have had to deal with some illness with their pets and are in no way giving up on them.

The first one is about Mara from the blogger, Lovely and Grateful. They found a lump on Mara’s tail that turned out to be a tumor. Unfortunately, her tail needed to be amputated. Here is a quote taken from the post “Our purr-fect patient” where you can read the full story.

It’s hard to explain to those who don’t have pets just how much love and joy they bring to a home, but also how much we worry when our animal companions are injured or unwell. Many of us consider our pets to be members of the family, and often it is the daily routines of feeding, petting, playing with them or even washing their bowls and litter trays that ground us in the here and now when other personal and global events seem overwhelming.

Well said!

The next one is about Amy’s cats from the blogger, Petal’s Unfolding. Amy and her husband have many cats with special health needs. Amy spends a lot of time observing, tracking, researching, trying new things, and a whole lot more. All for the well-being of each one of their cats. It is difficult and emotionally challenging, but she truly loves these living, feeling beings  and wants to do everything she possibly can for them. My kind of gal!

Here is a link to a post of hers called “Love is the Root.” Keep in mind, Amy is not encouraging anyone to try these things with their own pets. She is not a veterinarian, just a very determined pet parent. 🙂

Lastly, for new followers of mine or for those who did not see the posts I wrote about my health scare with my cat, Cino, here are the links: “Prayers for Cino” and the post after her appointment, “Cino’s Appointment.”


Pets are family depending on us, in sickness and in health!

3 thoughts on “This Tuesday’s Tale: In Sickness and In Health

  1. AmyRose🌹

    Oh, LeeAnn!! I am so touched about this. I must point out immediately which I did in a later post on my blog, that Rocky’s early positive reaction to Thyroid medication turned out a false start. After about 2 weeks on this medication, he just didn’t look good at all so I with my Vet’s guidance, took him off of it. This is not appropriate for him. We are still working on Rocky and decided to take him back in to the Vet to rule out Addison’s Disease (that turned out negative which means he does not have it) and a GI panel that screens for a ton of conditions, one of them being Pancreatitis. Those results are still not back yet so we are still ever so hopeful that something will be found so we can improve his quality of living. Poor little guy.
    Then we had our Bella throw a blood clot and she experienced a small stroke. We rushed her in to the Vet who took an xray and prescribed low does baby aspirin and pain medication. On the xray her heart shows to be slightly enlarged. We are taking into consideration her age (15) and the fact she is terrified of people or being out of this house due to extreme past abuse. Our Vet recommended an ultrasound of the heart to determine which medication would best be for her to be started on. Hubby and I are still undecided about this because the risk factor of going through with it is so darn high. My Molly who died of CHF had one of these sonograms done and she being only 9, suffered a heart attack after the procedure. She was never medicated by the specialist and the Vet we had been seeing at the time was furious. Charlie is still limping and with everything else that has been going on still has not had an xray. That has to be done soon. To say the least I have been very busy. Cookie is eating on her own and gaining weight. Sassy I discovered needed hydration and so she is getting LR boluses every few days, right along with Sassy. Rocky is getting them every day and Bella too is getting them every third day or so. Max is another requiring LR. Then sometimes Charlie. CRAZY here!!!
    Bless you for posting this. I don’t stop until I drop. And I’m glad you did link this because in all this craziness I completely forgot about Chamomile tea, which will begin giving tomorrow. Whew!!!
    Xoxoxoxoxo ❤ ❤ ❤

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