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How many of you talk to your pet?

Not too long ago someone told me that they were talking to their dog and that someone else said “you know it’s just a dog.” “Just a dog”, oh how I hate hearing that. I feel it is devaluing an animal’s worth. Another time I overheard two people making fun of people saying “goodbye” to their cats.

It is actually important that we talk to our pets. They may not understand the words we are saying, but they do understand the tone. If you repeat particular words all of the time followed by an action, they will put two and two together and you will have communication and routines established with your pets.

Why is communication important? Well do you notice your dog’s ears perk up when you say something? They’re listening and most likely become excited. I read an article that even said our pets like “baby talk” because of the tone. So, hey everyone…it’s OK to talk baby talk to your pet! šŸ™‚ Communication forms bonds, trust, and relationships.

If someone who spoke Spanish, French, or Japanese were talking to you, would you devalue them because you couldn’t understand them or because they are different than you? Or would you try to communicate with them in a way they could understand, maybe with body language?

If you’ve seen the movie “Cast Away” you know that Tom Hanks is stranded alone on an island. Without any contact with other human beings he puts a face on a soccer ball and talks to it. It becomes his companion, his someone to talk to. Does the ball understand him or even hear him? No, of course not. But for Tom Hanks this is what he needed.

I talk to my cat, Cino, all of the time, and sometimes even sing. It relaxes and comforts her.

I say things like…..


These are all part of our routine. Some of those I say with an action like shaking the keys when I am saying “Bye Bye.” She has learned that means I am leaving so she lays down and waits for kisses. Sometimes she lays right in front of the door to keep me from leaving. But I don’t just disappear all of a sudden which can cause anxiety for pets. She knows I’m leaving and therefore is not looking all around for me.

I even play a musical CD for her when I leave that is specifically for pets. It is called “While You Are Gone.” These sounds of people talking and music help calm, relax and comfort pets when we are gone.

Humans communicate with other humans with words and body language. Animals communicate with other animals in their own language/sounds and body language. Humans and animals communicate with one another with words, body language, and sounds. All have the same goal.

I asked some of my Facebook friends & family to let me know if they talk to their pet and here is what they said:

“I talk to my dog , he knows wanna go for a walk , go bye bye”

“Food”…always seem to get his attention.

“I always talk to my animals- like, more than I should admit to”šŸ˜‚ I casually mentioned to the cat that there was a spot of sunshine in the other room and she made a u-turn and headed straight for it the other day šŸ˜‚šŸ˜‚ So now I’m convinced that they understand everything I say!” šŸ˜‚

“Paco understands a lot of what I say. He knows what it means when I ask him if he wants to go for a walk, if he wants a treat, and when I say, “Want to go night night?” (Yes, I actually say that every night and he follows me into the bedroom!) Dogs are so smart!”

“I absolutely talk to my pets. They may not know my words, but they understand and I understand them.”

“I don’t have a pet but a friend’s dog comes to play a lot and I talk to him all the time. I think he’s my favorite “person” to talk to haha”

“Yes I talked to my animals. And there are things I am sure they understand.”

“I talk to my dog, Izzy all the time. I know she understands, Go for a walk?, Go for a ride?, Want a treat?, Gotta go potty?, Where’s Daddy? She gets very excited and tilts her head sideways.”


As you can see, talking to your pet is very common. Personally, I think people who don’t talk to their pets are the strange ones. What do you think?

27 thoughts on “Do You Talk To Your Pet?

  1. CrazyWolfGirl

    I love this post!! The last Facebook comment sounds like one I would put. Speaking of which, right before I saw this post, I told Theodore that I couldn’t remember the dialogue I was gonna write in my book. He looked at me, then came closer and laid down. I don’t think he really cares that I can’t remember it, or he was telling me to calm down. XD

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  2. IreneDesign2011

    I do talk to my cats and dog all the time and they seem to enjoy in each their way. When I teach my dog new ways of acting, I talk to him too and show him the way in a good way, also by talking. My old cats, the brothers are almost 14 years now, they talk back in their ways and I do often understand, what they try to tell me. Maybe they need fresh water etc. or they just want to go out to our garden. I have talked to my pets all my life too.

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  3. inkgirlandwords

    I talk to my dog, And my cat. And my goats. And to myself sometimes. Sherman (dog) knows if I am mad at him or not. I could say “you’re such a moron, I hate you, stupid ugly dog” in the happy nice voice and he’ll come to me and start wagging his tail and jumping on me. (And he’s a big dog so not a good idea or he’ll knock me down) I love our animals! Btw you should research this, and make a post on, the new coyote killers. It looks like a showerhead and sprays cyanide if the coyote is near it. A boy got seriously injured with this and his dog died. Plus it is cruel to coyotes. Don’t know, just an idea for your next post.

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      1. inkgirlandwords

        Yeah, I wouldn’t say that.
        Please sign! And get your friends to sign!

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  4. Maria, a gentle iconoclast

    Like other dogs, Greta recognizes names – even names of her dog buddies – and she gets excited if I tell her so-and-so is coming to visit.
    After she eats I praise her to make her happy and so she will digest well. This may seem silly but… I think there’s something to this. (Think how your stomach can be upset if there is arguing over a meal.)
    We try to reassure her with our voices, since she is skittish, and I talk sometimes when I walk her so that she will be aware of my presence.
    Good post, Lee Ann! It is definitely human and normal to talk to our pets.

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