Happy National Pet Parent Day!

I don’t like to do more than one post in a day but when I found out it was National Pet Parent Day, I couldn’t resist.

As many of you know, I am the proud pet parent to Cino pictured below.


Will you please share a photo of your pet with me? Just attach it in a comment on my Facebook Page Post or email it to animalsarefeelingbeingstoo@q.com.

I would like to make a blog post showcasing all of them. If you have already sent me a picture and would like me to use it, let me know. Otherwise you can send a new picture. It can be of just your pet or of you included in the picture.

Can’t wait to see them! Don’t forget to include their name.

Thank you! Give your fur baby an extra hug and kiss today!


6 thoughts on “Happy National Pet Parent Day!

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