Sunday Pause (Paws): A Break for Adorableness

It’s Sunday! Warning: if you can’t handle a lot of “cute” then look away! Those of you who can, this Sunday we have a slideshow in honor of “Pet Parent Day” last Sunday.

Odin-irenePictured above is Odin from proud mom of the blog IreneDesign2011

Thank you to all who shared! These pictures all put a smile on my face! It was a joy seeing them and sharing them.

Pictures were shared by friends, coworkers, Facebook followers, and fellow bloggers. I would like to take a moment to share the bloggers who sent in a photo with the links to their blogs.

(click on the photos above to enlarge them)

A Dog’s Life? (Stories of Me and Him)-Pet parent to Ray
Dakota’s Den-Pet parent to Dakota and Cody
Travels With Choppy-Pet parent to Choppy and Schooner
Jeanne Owens, Author-Pet parent to Cinnamon and Shadow
He Hath Said-Pet parent to Lucy
InkGirlWords-Pet parent to Laurie
Shepherding All God’s Creatures-Pet parent to Rosie

Without further ado, kick back, take a break and enjoy the slideshow of adorableness.

Happy Sunday!

Note: Some people have contacted me about wanting to send in a photo but didn’t send it in on time, so to you or anyone else who would like to share a pet photo, please do! I will still use them! Just attach them in a visitor post on my Facebook Page, a Facebook Message or email them to me at πŸ™‚


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