Wanna Share a Picture for Tomorrow’s Post?

Hello all. Things have been pretty busy, so I haven’t been posting as much. If you have been following me for a while you probably know that I do a “Tuesday Tale” and a “Sunday Pause (Paws)” every week. I just don’t always get to posts in between. I have some great things going on though.

If you read my post “It’s Just An Animal” then you know about the debate another blogger was having about elephants in circuses. I received that full debate and I am working on reading it and then possibly sharing it with all of you.

Another blogger and I are possibly going to start a petition on animal traps in the U.S. This idea of us collaborating came about after this blogger read my post “This Tuesday’s Tale: Tee”.

I also am going to be a guest writer on another blog. I will share it with you once it is posted.

But for now, I am getting ready to put together the slideshow of pets for tomorrow’s “Sunday Pause (Paws).” If you didn’t know, there were some people who didn’t get their photo in on time for last week’s post, but I told them no worries…I welcome photos ANYTIME! So, the ones I have received this past week will be in tomorrow’s post. If you want to get in on it, please send your picture to me at animalsarefeelingbeingstoo@q.com. If your photo doesn’t make it in on time for the slideshow, I will still include it in the post. Don’t forget to tell me your pet’s name and leave me a link to your blog. Thanks! I love seeing all of these photos!

Below is a photo of my sweet Cino. Who doesn’t want to curl up in a pile of sheets right out of the dryer? πŸ™‚


See you tomorrow!

If you didn’t see the slideshow last week, here is a link to that post: “A Break for Adorableness”.

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