Thunder, Lightning, Rain…Oh My!


A thunderstorm is brewing in my area and should be here soon. I anticipate Cino will be hiding as she usually does.

I wrote a similar post about this last year when I first started blogging regularly. I had read an article that gave a few tips on helping your pet during a storm. Since its that time of year again, I feel its worth repeating.

ere are the tips:

Allow them to hide. Make a few safe spots for them in the house.

I always provide a blanket for Cino to hide under in the living room so she stays near me. But she can also go under the bed, under the sheets (as pictured in photo), or wherever she needs to so that she feels safe.

Turn the radio or tv up a little to drown out some of the sound from the storm. (Although another website said this could make it worse to have more noise, so if you’re going to do this, it was suggested to play soft light music)

Pets can sense your fear, so try to remain relaxed yourself.

Pet and stroke them, but not too much babying, otherwise that might reinforce their fear.

You could also check into a ThunderShirt for your pet. (Some people say this works great!) For small pets, you could try an infant onesie instead of a ThunderShirt.

Our pets DO have feelings and one of them is fear. Your pet has the right to be scared. We’re all afraid of something. Please help them out by understanding and making them as comfortable as you can during a storm.

So how does your pet handle thunderstorms?

15 thoughts on “Thunder, Lightning, Rain…Oh My!

    1. Animals Are Feeling Beings Too Post author

      That is so great! It is interesting how some pets are totally fine with thunderstorms and others are so scared. When I adopted Cino (at the time her name was “Muffy”), it said on her info card that she was afraid of thunderstorms. So, I guess its always been a thing for her.

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  1. Lauren

    Our cat Effie is a prairie girl, used to storms. She loves watching them out the window. She’ll snuggle under the covers at night if the thunder is really crackly. ^-.-^

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  2. IreneDesign2011

    If my cats are outside, I use to call them in, when I can hear or see, that thunderstorm is on the way. I have done that, since they were kittens and know, this is the way, if I wish to get them inside and feeling safe, before it is going on for real. Otherwise I will not see them, before hours after it is stopped again. Both get nervous and like to hide themselves. I use close the curtains in the bedroom, so they can’t see outside and then talk to them in the bed, while they make themselves comfortable. Then there are no problems. Odin, my dog, is more curious and like to look outside, but do also appreciate to stay indoor, when the noise start.

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  3. Ron Walker

    I try to remain calm and project it to them. They do watch us closely don’t they. Mine handle storms okay, but fireworks drives them crazy, they have never been around a gun being shot.

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    1. Animals Are Feeling Beings Too Post author

      They certainly do feed off of us. My cat was already afraid of thunderstorms when I adopted her, so I’m not sure if I can “make it better” for her. I just let her hide and I talk to her. I’m sure a gunshot would not be a pleasant sound either.



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