This Tuesday’s Tale: My Cat Cino-It’s Her Birthday!


The Tale of Cino, My Blessing & Best Friend


It’s been seven years since I adopted Cino, then called “Muffy.” She has come a long way since that first day of hiding behind the toilet as pictured above. They told me she was two years old when I adopted her, but I found out later that she was actually three. So today, she is ten years old!

My mom sends Cino a card for her birthday every year. I wonder if she realizes how much that means to me. I put every card Cino receives by her so she can “check it out.”Β  This is what she is doing in the photo below.


Every time I come near Cino with a camera she turns away. So below is a side view photo after she was done checking it out with a little bit better view of the whole card. So cute! πŸ™‚


Thanks mom for the card and your love for my sweet Cino! Cino really does love her grandma!

mom-and-cinoMy Mom and Cino

The tale of how Cino & I found each other is in an older post. You can read it here.

Happy Birthday Cino! I love you! You are a precious gift from God!

You can find more tales on the “Tuesday Tales” page of my blog.

33 thoughts on “This Tuesday’s Tale: My Cat Cino-It’s Her Birthday!

  1. Lauren

    Happy birthday, Cino, and congratulations on the Big Ten! You look terrific! What a happy celebration, with the human who has loved you these seven wonderful years! ^-.-^
    Fondest regards,
    Lauren and Effie

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