Prayers for Odin

Odin 1-sizechange

I hope you were able to read this week’s “Tuesday Tale” about Irene’s dog Odin. Odin has been getting a lot of nose bleeds lately. They thought it was an infection so he has been on medication to treat it. But the nose bleeds haven’t stopped. So they tested him for possible genetic illnesses, and now, they will be doing a brain scan.

As you can tell, Odin needs our prayers and well wishes! I believe all of us who have pets in our lives consider them family members (because they are and everyone should think of them that way). I know that Irene feels this way about Odin. It is hard to go through illness with our beloved pets and we need to be there for one another and encourage one another.

I hope you’ll say a prayer for Irene & Odin and share this post.

Thank you!

Irene blogs at IreneDesign2011.

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