The Debate: What Do You Think?

Hello all! Cino sends you “Happy Weekend” wishes!


I have been rolling around all kinds of ideas in my head for quite a while trying to come up with a drawing/saying that expresses what I feel my blog is all about. I mean, I do feel the name of my blog says a lot, which is why I chose the name, but I want to do more. What do you think of the graphic below?


One of the most frustrating things about being an animal advocate is having to be an animal advocate! Make sense? Let me clarify.

My mom once told me I live in “Utopia.” She said this because I have such a hard time understanding the injustices our world has and I am always questioning things (when it comes to animal issues, I am “THE GREAT DEBATER!”). There are so many things that just don’t make sense to me, like how humans can be so cruel. My heart, as you are well aware of, is in advocating for animals. But in “Utopia” I wouldn’t have to do this. There wouldn’t be any animal abuse. Without animal abuse, I wouldn’t have to be an animal advocate.

Another frustrating thing is that there are actually debates out there about whether animals have “feelings”, hence the graphic I made above. My question is…have those who debate this ever had a pet or been around animals and paid attention, I mean really paid attention to them? If they have, there would be no debate!

20 thoughts on “The Debate: What Do You Think?

      1. inkgirlandwords

        oh I completely forgot! I do not know if we even have a picture of him, his name was utah and he was a golden retriever, he was hit by a car when we were on vacation in Europe a couple years ago. Can you just mention him?

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  1. Sparkyjen

    I don’t know about anyone else’s animals, but my dog and cat have feelings. I will say however that they get over things a lot quicker than some humans do. My cat does this thing with his tail, and sometimes throws in some fur ruffling along the line of his back when he’s miffed. My dog gets anxious around about the time she thinks she should be having a walk. When she sits or lays down [finally], she’s resigned herself to a “not today” stance. I don’t ignore much, and definitely not my pets. Besides, they are both furry hoots!!!

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        1. Animals Are Feeling Beings Too Post author

          Comment made by Sparkyjen: I like your design. Of course I follow your blog, and get your drift so…that’s how I know it blends nicely with your overall bent. May I suggest you be with it, and trust the feeling you got when you pushed the Update button.
          It’s a KEEPER!!!

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    1. daisymae2017

      Agreed. I had a former co-worker say that animals are stupid. Let’s just say I told him in no uncertain terms that animals weren’t stupid that they were smarter than a lot humans I knew. After that talking to he never dropped the subject and never mentioned animals again to me.

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  2. Ron Walker

    People that “debate” whether animals have feelings, are just trying to fool themselves into not having to be responsible for the pain or discomfort of an animal. I think the graphic is super great! When someone tries to tell you that, tell them to search for “Random Deer Playing in Mud Puddle” and then look at you and tell you animals don’t have feelings of fun, joy and playful.

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