Sunday Pause (Paws): A Pause for Healing

It’s Sunday! A time for kicking back, relaxing and taking a break from it all.

I am going to keep this post short & sweet. Our family is going through something right now. It is a sad time for us. I do plan to share about it in an upcoming “Tuesday Tale.” So basically…

Another week has gone by
and I simply want to say,
Be sure to take a pause
and enjoy your Sunday!


Please forgive me if I do not visit your blogs for a bit. I am heartbroken right now. It does help me to write, so as I mentioned, I will write about what is going on in my “Tuesday Tale.” It is so great that bloggers have an outlet. Writing can be part of the healing process.

Just fyi…there is nothing wrong with my sweet Cino. She is fine. In case anyone was thinking that. Doesn’t she look comfortable and annoyed above? 🙂 I picture her saying “Get that camera out of my face. I am trying to sleep.”

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