This Tuesday’s Tale: A House Is Not A Home Without a Pet


The Tale Of Tammy and Her Love for Animals

Many of us can relate to feeling like our house is not a home without a pet. Well this is most certainly true for Tammy.

Tammy is a friend of mine and one of the reasons we get along is our shared love for animals! We have had a number of conversations where we expressed our mutual anger for those who harm animals. I have known her for about seven years or so and just in the time I have known her, there have been many pets she has given a home.

First we have Teesha who passed away in 2008.



And here is Mitzi who passed away about seven years ago. Teesha and Mitzi got along great and had a lot of fun playing together.



Then we have Beeno. Beeno and Teesha got along, but Mitzi didn’t care for Beeno and didn’t pay much attention to him. Poor Beeno. But he got enough love and attention from Teesha and Tammy. 🙂



After the two cats passed away, Beeno shared his home with Dakota. (Are you following all of this?)



Just look at that face! Personally I could look at that photo all day!

Dakota suffers from skin irritation issues, but Tammy is doing everything she can to make his life as comfortable as possible.

Here are the two pals together. So cute!


Dakota and Beeno

Beeno passed away in 2015, so Dakota now shares his home with Bogey.



Bogey is a young dog full of energy and spunk! Dakota and Bogey enjoy going on walks and eating their homemade treats. What lucky dogs!

And then came Astro.


Astro is a hoot! He brings the family a lot of joy. He plays in his own room, but Bogey and Dakota like to watch him from behind the baby gate.

Now Tammy is going to foster a lucky little dog named Maya. Maya is coming to them from the St. Croix Virgin Islands. She was found as a stray there. They believe she is about 3 to 4 months old. Who knows…Maya might become the next furry family member in Tammy’s home.


There are many animals out there in need of a home. It is so nice to see people, like Tammy, opening her home and her life to these precious beings.

What’s your furry family story? Do you feel your house is not a home without a pet?

10 thoughts on “This Tuesday’s Tale: A House Is Not A Home Without a Pet

  1. Lauren

    I certainly felt that way! Our Coolidge died early in the morning, two years ago. I called our vet at opening time, several hours later, to let him know.

    By 4:30 in the afternoon, I knew I couldn’t sleep in our house without a cat–I never had! I called our vet and actually told him that. He said it could be “very healing” to get another cat right away.

    After dinner, I called Petco. They were hosting two young cats for the Animal Shelter. One was Effie. About an hour later, she was ours. The rest is history. We adore her! She’s with us, for life!

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  2. My Golden Life

    To answer your question, yes I do feel a house is not a home without a pet. I grew up with my mom’s dogs … I was 4 when we got our first poodle … and have only been without at least one dog twice since then.

    Liked by 1 person


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