This Tuesday’s Tale: Jack

Today we take a look back at Jack. Jack is a little dog that was found in a dumpster by a little boy. Sadly, this happens more than you think. Honestly, how can people be so cruel?

I wrote a tale about Jack back in October. Kathy, Jack’s pet parent, recently shared some new photos of Jack. I decided to share them with you and give you a link to Jack’s tale.

Below is Jack happy to have tummy time. 🙂


Now we have Jack below with one of his stuffed toys.


Here is the link to Jack’s story: A Dumpster Is For Trash, Right? Well Tell That To Some People. Please be sure to check dumpsters around you. Sadly you never know what you might find.

Note: I apologize for my rant in yesterday’s post. As I’ve mentioned in other posts, writing helps me work through feelings. So writing my frustration down yesterday helped me let it out and regroup. Thanks so much for your comments and understanding!

17 thoughts on “This Tuesday’s Tale: Jack

  1. Laura (Perfectly Mixed)

    So glad to hear that something good came from something so awefull! He’s a cute little guy! I have absolutely no idea why people leave animals (or babies) in dumpsters. Seriously, why don’t people just set animals loose on the street if they don’t want them? They would have a chance that way. But glad this ended up better than that.

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    1. Animals Are Feeling Beings Too Post author

      I am so glad Jack was saved too. That little boy was his first rescuer, so kudos to him. It probably would be better if they just let them go to give them a chance or they should bring them to a Humane Society. It’s sad how cruel some people can be. Thanks so much for your comment.

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