This Tuesday’s Tale: Pete & Buster


The Tale Of A Man Who Just Wanted His Dog Back

This is a story from 2014, but I have only seen it recently. It’s about a man named Pete and a dog named Buster. Sadly, when Buster was nine years old, Pete ran into financial trouble and lost his house. He knew it wasn’t good for Buster to live out on the streets, so he did what he felt was best for him.

USA Today

A quote from the article. “This is really a love story that has evoked a tremendous response around the world. It has inspired people. It has given them a feeling of hope and a belief that there are good people who will go the extra mile for their pets, and that there are good people out there willing to help.”

I wish everyone would go that extra mile for their pet, their family member.

It is amazing the stories and pictures about homeless people and the love they have for their pets. It’s a shared experience. Both are homeless and they come together to comfort one another. Each other may be all they have in this world.

The photo below is not of Pete & Buster. I just thought it was fitting and a powerful picture.home3Life With Dogs

The following video is of Pete showing his gratitude for those who helped him get back on his feet and get his family member Buster back. To me, Buster seems slow and looks old, so I am so glad he doesn’t have to spend the rest of his life in a cold cage.

Here is the link to the article on Pete & Buster: USA Today

Until one day when all people and all animals have a home (and a loving one at that!).

( Sorry I haven’t visited your blogs much lately. I have a lot going on. Just know I haven’t forgotten you. 🙂 )

9 thoughts on “This Tuesday’s Tale: Pete & Buster

  1. Lauren

    What a wonderful outcome to what could have been truly tragic, for Pete and for Buster! How wonderful so many people were moved to bless Pete and Buster and help them to get their lives back! Thank you, LeeAnn, for posting this touching story.

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