Tuesday Tales: No Longer Weekly


Version 2

Hello all. As Cino is reading about above, I will be taking a break from weekly Tuesday Tales. In case, you do not know what my Tuesday Tales are, they are stories I share about animals on…well Tuesdays. These stories are from people I know, stories from the internet, my own stories, and stories from you out there. I will still do Tuesday Tales from time to time, just not weekly.

My intent is not to back off from my blog, but to free myself from the commitment of having to do a post every Tuesday. This way I can focus on some new ideas I have for the blog and for helping animals.

I will keep the Tuesday Tale page on my blog for now in case you want to read any of the the ones I have written/shared since last August (there is a page tab on the menu bar above with tales separated by months). If you’ve shared one with me, it is on there. (I am behind on adding the last few months of tales, but I will add them eventually)

cute-cino-upside-down (1)-with-words-aafbt

As Cino so clearly is saying above, “sometimes you need to look at things from a different angle” and sometimes you have to change things up. 🙂

So until next time…cheers!

https://i0.wp.com/www.publicdomainpictures.net/pictures/130000/velka/cheers-1441112168YVl.jpgPublic Domain Pictures

I would love to hear…have you enjoyed the Tuesday Tales part of my blog?

(As I mentioned I will post a Tuesday Tale from time to time, so please continue to share your stories with me!)

6 thoughts on “Tuesday Tales: No Longer Weekly

  1. Amy

    I agree it can get as if you are a slave to what you once enjoyed. Do them once in a while as “the spirit moves you,” and it will become fresh again for you. As good as they are, I am glad you recognized this for yourself.

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