Sunday Pause (Paws): Happy Cats

It’s Sunday! Time to kick back, relax, and take a break from the busyness of the week.

panda at michiana humane society-aafbt

Apparently September is “Happy Cat Month.” So what could be better to celebrate this than some adorable cat photos!

cat under couch-aafbt

Some of the photos I have used in posts and some are new photos. All are from family, friends, and other bloggers.

cat on table-aafbt3

cat on steps-aafbt2

cat laying on pillow toy-aafbt

Can you handle the cuteness so far?




cat in bag-aafbt2



So what makes a cat happy? I think it’s good health, bonding time, play time, and good quality naps! What do you think?

My last picture is of Cino playing with one of her favorite toys; Pouncing Paws. If I am just carrying this toy around, even just to put it in a different spot, she follows me. She has always been very protective of it. If it’s in my hands she is right there as if to say “Um, where are you going with that?”

cino pouncing paws toy-aafbt

I hope you enjoyed this edition of “Happy Cats!”

Happy Sunday!

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