Sunday Pause (Paws): Comfort When Near

It’s Sunday! Time to kick back, relax, and begin enjoying the festivities.

Christmas time truly is my favorite time of year. I made a ton of Christmas cookies with some friends, went to see the Nutcracker with family, spent an afternoon with my niece at a craft show, watched a bunch of corny Christmas movies (so predictable, but love them!), and have drank many cups of hot cocoa. But today, Christmas Eve, the actual holidays begin.

It is so easy to get caught up in all of the decorations and gifts that the real meaning for the season can be forgotten. Actually I read something recently that said something like “Jesus isn’t the reason for the season, he is the reason for your life.” In reflecting upon the reason we take this time out each year to celebrate Jesus’ birth, a Facebook friend of mine shared the following Christmas poem with me, and now I want to share it with you.

(Images were created by me to go along with the poem)


A Stirring at Christmas

The day before Christmas
And throughout every house
No one was stirrin’,
Not a cat or a mouse.

But there WAS someone stirring
Outside in the yard.
A dog made his way
To the hay near the barn.

Where sheep were found standing
With shepherds and camels.
There was a Babe in a manger
And above Him an angel.

The dog walked in circles
And then he laid down
In the midst of the hay,
Right there on the ground.

He cuddled up next to
The Savior in hay.
No one could touch him
Without passing the Babe.

He felt he was safe.
He was covered and warm.
And above him seemed angels
Sang over the Lord.

He caused quite a stir
As people passed by.
They looked and they saw him
And were all quite surprised.

When Christmas was over
And night turned to day
The nativity scene
Was all put away.

But back in the house,
There was still quite a stir.
Someone new to the family
With brown and black fur.

The dog that found Jesus
And the angel above
Has found a new home;
A new family of love.

Author Lucinda Berry Hill of Coffee with Jesus and A Second Cup with Jesus ©

I made two images for this poem. I couldn’t decide which one I liked better, but I think it’s the first one. I decided to add the second one too, just for fun. 🙂


Here’s to one day when ALL animals will have a home and in the mean time may they all have comfort knowing he is near (and you too).

Happy Sunday and MERRY CHRISTMAS!

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