Sunday Pause (Paws): Good for the Soul

It’s Sunday! Time to kick back and relax.

Sunday is a day of relaxing so that you have the strength to tackle the week ahead. But this doesn’t always mean just laying around and doing nothing. It is also a day for regrouping. If there were an opportunity to help others out we wouldn’t say no just because it is Sunday. Actually, doing things for others can be very uplifting and good for the soul. This can be part of regrouping.

Today I am going to an event at my friend’s house called “Sandwich Project for the Homeless.” A bunch of us will be putting together over a hundred sandwiches that will be brought to a local shelter.

sandwich project-aafbt

This project, the brutal cold temperatures we have had this winter, the book I am currently reading, and my sister have all got me thinking about homelessness. I can’t even imagine what they go through or how they got there.

My sister had volunteered to make tissue paper flowers for the homeless. When she passed away, just this past summer, instead of sending us flowers we asked people to donate to a homeless organization in her honor.


My sister, Lisa.

The book I am currently reading is “A Street Cat Named Bob.” A homeless man and a cat together face the daily challenges of homelessness.


It is so sad hearing about how mean people can be to the homeless, including homeless animals. No matter how they got there, they are still human (and living creatures) and we still need to treat them as just that with kindness, compassion, and respect.

One of the teachers where I work incorporated the event I will be a part of today into one of her lesson plans by discussing homelessness and having all of the students make sandwich headbands for us to wear at the event. Cino is posing with one of them below.  🙂


Even though I am pretty exhausted from this past week, I am honored to be a part of this project today. I just know it is going to be good for my soul.

Happy Sunday! Take some time to refresh, regroup, and relax (and maybe help out someone) today.

*Check out the wonderful poem by Colin Chappell shared below in the comments.

16 thoughts on “Sunday Pause (Paws): Good for the Soul

  1. colinandray

    If I may “intrude”, the following is taken from my book “Just Thinking” (available from Friesen Press, Amazon etc. etc. It is called “The Project”, and seems very appropriate for your Post:

    I sit tonight on the pavement,
    People watching… just to see
    Who says “Hello”?
    Who just walks by?
    Who actually acknowledges me?
    But I don’t seem to exist
    In so many passing eyes.
    Am I an embarrassment?
    Do I make them feel uncomfortable?
    Perhaps I am simply despised?
    They are colder than the air
    Which surrounds me this night.
    For a caring and humane society,
    At least as I understand it,
    That’s really not right.
    Where’s the compassion?
    I clearly have so much to learn.
    Are there any Good Samaritans?
    Do I even exist?
    Why is there no show of concern?
    They’re wrapped up in their lives.
    Fashionable; conforming; neat.
    They just don’t see…
    People like me…
    People who live on the street.
    It’s getting quite chilly
    But… this was my choice.
    A test if you wish.
    An education,
    To add experience to my voice.
    I am lucky and I know it.
    I do have a home.
    I do have food and friends,
    And I can leave here whenever I choose.
    Unlike many… l am not alone.
    To live on the streets
    Is in nobody’s dreams.
    There are reasons behind such a move.
    Reasons we may not understand,
    But… is life ever what it seems?
    Say “Hello!” to the next person you see,
    Sitting in their sidewalk home.
    Recognize that reasons they must surely have,
    To live in such a way.
    Being ignored… and alone.
    Treat them as people, for that’s who they are.
    It takes little more than a smile,
    To affirm that they really do exist.
    To afford a level of dignity;
    Be friends for a short while.
    And when you say farewell.
    When you leave and go to your home.
    Remember those people
    Who… for whatever reasons,
    Are living on the streets… alone.

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    1. Animals Are Feeling Beings Too Post author

      My guess is probably not either. I haven’t finished the book yet, but it is a great book. The man is my kind of guy. He really loves Bob and his words in one part of the book were something like “he was ready to fight/protect Bob like a mother because Bob was his baby.”

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  2. jowensauthor

    That sounds like a terrific project you’re helping out with. And “A Street Cat Named Bob” is a great book. I loved it! I have the sequel, “The World According To Bob”, which picks up right after it. I haven’t had a chance to read it yet, but I plan to get to it asap.

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