Sunday Pause (Paws): For the Word “Just”

It’s Sunday! Time to kick back, relax, and today I would like to take a pause and look at the phrase “just.”

A coworker was telling me a story at work the other day and at one point she said how she talks to her dog to let her know she is leaving. Then came the words “I know it’s stupid, it’s just a dog.” I don’t know about you but I am so tired of hearing people refer to animals as “just” anything. So I came up with a list of what I think they are just

Just a creation of God
Just a loyal friend
Just a family member
Just a living being
Just a comforter
Just a stress reliever
Just a joy to watch
Just a joy to play with
Just someone to come home to

Just a snuggler
Just created BEFORE humans
Just improve their “owners” health
Just teachers of responsibility

Just LOVE!

Just a joy to watch

Here is what a Facebook follower friend of mine in her own words shared with me about her beloved cat Jasmine pictured above.

Jasmine chilling on the bed with me. I wonder if other people take pleasure in watching their pets enjoy themselves? From jumping on the bed and just enjoying each other’s company to watching her sniff the air whilst sat in the garden or getting her toys out the bowl I store them in and playing with them. I’m sure they do, but it often an unspoken pleasure of pet ownership when in comes to cats. But I enjoy watching my cat just enjoy herself around the house from sunbathing to cackling at birds out the window or sniffing the breeze.

Below is a picture of Molly who belongs to Kathy Darrow, someone I know. Her words with this picture she shared were “Saturday morning snuggles.”


Just a snuggler

And my cat Cino, well she has been there for me during my grieving process over the passing of my sister (and much more).

Version 2

Just a comforter

Can you help me make this “just” list longer? Leave your ideas in the comments.

This Sunday if you have a pet, give them an extra hug & kiss and let them know what they “just” are to you!

Happy Sunday!

20 thoughts on “Sunday Pause (Paws): For the Word “Just”

  1. Lauren

    My sentiments exactly. I adore my cats and they know it. Effie, Paladin, and Halvor all strut through our home knowing they are loved and important. Halvor stays outside or in the shop where he can watch my husband work on major projects. Halvor monitors his Dad’s work by looking at the plans!

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  2. My Golden Life

    Oh, I sooo hate it when people refer to their pets as “just…”!! It makes me want to wring their necks.

    Shadow is “just” the mirror to my own soul, “just” my rock since her older sister and best friend, Callie, got her angel wings. And Ducky is “just” my little entertainer with her antics; “just” my constant reminder that each animal has its own unique personality; “just” my self-appointed protector, whether I need protecting or not.

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  3. reflectionsbyexodushouseministries

    Absolutely! When I had Cancer, Shadow would come up on the bed and knead my legs! It would help me sleep without nightmares, and Max, Sassy and Sterling would lay in a circle around me all night, watching over me while I slept.
    To some this is just common behavior…but to me… they are Just my Angels sent from God.
    .🐈💜😇🐾 Andrea.

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