Teaching Empathy Saves Lives

I‘m sure most of you have heard about the abduction of the Wisconsin girl, Jayme. As we’re finding out more & more about it all, it has been told that the man who abducted her had killed a dog and had an obsession with road kill. You see my passion for animals isn’t just about my love for animals, it’s something we should all be paying attention to. Research has proven when children show signs of no empathy for animals and harm them, they most likely are just “experimenting/testing” and will move on to humans. This is why I am so passionate about educating children (and everyone) about how important it is to “pay attention” and teach empathy, kindness, & respect to animals. It could just save a life!


We fight against the abuse they endure
Cows, elephants, cats & dogs
We speak out to make a change
Most will ignore and say that’s “their” cause

What they aren’t seeing
What they may not know
If we don’t all do our part
The odd behavior will grow

When a child has no empathy
This is cause for alarm
If they are hurting animals
One day it will be a human they harm

Teaching children kindness for all life
Paying attention to how they behave
It’s not up to just “they” but all of us
It might one day be a life you saved

©Animals Are Feeling Beings Too



4 thoughts on “Teaching Empathy Saves Lives

  1. Lauren

    Amen, LeeAnn. I believe that any form of abuse toward a human or any living creature will expand to other abuses and other species. If an impulsive person deals out some form of abuse ostensibly for no reason, that person will likely repeat the ill will on the same or another victim. The rule is, “Just don’t hurt animals or people! How would you like someone else to hurt you or another person or helpless animal you love?”

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  2. emaylerocks

    I agree with this one. Lack of empathy in early and young childhood tends to spill over into adults and leads to undesirable behaviors. It has been shown time and again that people like the one who kidnapped that girl or even ones who are convicted of abusing animals had experienced some lack of human or valuable social connection growing up.

    I find myself oversensitive to this and even when my kids play too rough with our fur babies, I get over protective and have a talk. I just don’t want them to take it too far. While I know they wont, I just want to ensure they know right from wrong, know love, and understand empathy.

    Now if we can get back to proper child raising and actually spend time with our children instead of letting any type of screen time baby sit them, maybe we will head back in the right direction. Even too much television is just that. Too much. Humans, by nature, crave human interaction, whether they are people persons or not.

    (Yes, this is one of my soapboxes. Let me stop before I start in on a novella.)

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    1. Animals Are Feeling Beings Too Post author

      It’s so true that learning social skills and empathy is SO important! I am oversensitive too when it comes to fur babies. There is definitely a need for change in how children are being raised these days. I work at a place where we care for children and I really feel sorry for a lot of them. Things are so much different. Thank you so much for your comment. 🙂



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