We Have A Choice

I recently created the image below to post on Facebook. Then in my “Facebook Memories” I was reminded of a poem I wrote last year. So I put the image and the poem together and walah…a blog post. 🙂



People often wonder
Why I do what I do
I say they wouldn’t be asking
If they knew what I knew

Seen as “one of those”
But do they know our case
Animals are living, feeling beings
Have you looked close into their face?

To me my pet is my baby
You don’t have to feel the same
I’m sure you agree that at least
Every animal should live free of pain

A baby piglet is slammed
Right onto the hard ground
One after the other by men
Wounded piglets in a big mound

A baby calf in a small space
The suffering is so very real
Day after day to build no muscle
So one day it can be someone’s veal

A bull is let loose
Arrows thrown at him
Blood dripping everywhere
With people screaming at their win

To elephants family is important
Yet they are hunted and ripped away
Abused until they have no choice
Fear is why at the circus they obey

A mouse ever so small
To some a pet, a great friend
But to some seen as a nuisance
And endure a life of experiments on them

These animals are God’s creation
He created the meow, moo, neigh, and roar
But they are being harmed and abused
And this I certainly can not ignore

You see I am not someone
Who is just “one of those”
I am someone who has great empathy
For the animals and their great woes

This is why I do what I do
Because I have a choice
To ignore their distress
Or stand up and be their voice

©Animals Are Feeling Beings Too

4 thoughts on “We Have A Choice

  1. Lauren

    You deserve a quiet salute LeeAnn (I doubt you would wish to hear a 15-gun salute, and I’m prery sure your precious animals would dislike it very much.) That notwithstanding, I think speaking against all forms of animal cruelty to every audience you can bring in that will
    listen and learn, and share the logic against cruelty with everyone who will listen, learn, and CHANGE AND DEFEND!

    Liked by 1 person


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