When It’s OK To Stick Your Tongue Out

Just made this image for a Facebook post and thought I would share it here too.


Let’s be real…sometimes we all wanna stick out our tongue out and say na-na na-na boo boo, go stick your head in doo doo. (Can you tell I work around children?)

3 thoughts on “When It’s OK To Stick Your Tongue Out

  1. Maria Tatham, a gentle iconoclast

    LeeAnn , I’m caring for an 8 month old cat – kitten – while my neighbor is temporarily in a nursing home. Kitten is Oscar. What a doll faced crazy cat! Affectionate! This is my first relationship with a cat because my husband is allergic. I’m concerned for my neighbor and her kitten.
    God bless you!

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meow, woof, moo, neigh, however you want to say it, please say it

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