Sunday Pause (Paws): Into The New Year

It’s Sunday! Time to kick back and relax!

Here we are into the New Year. We had a mellow New Year’s Eve and just snuggled on the couch. New Year’s Day we went to see the movie “A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood.” What a great example Mr. Rogers was for all of us. He really tuned in and listened to others, validated feelings, saw that everyone matters, and was very kind. His kindness extended to non-humans as well. He was a vegetarian who said he could never eat something that was walking around or that has a mother. This movie was an encouraging way to start off the New Year!

When Cino and I were talking resolutions this is the look I got.


I laughed and told her I was just playing around and that I know we don’t make resolutions. The change of a date on a calendar isn’t going to bring about change but hard work and being realistic about what you can do. To me it’s like dieting. I could never be successful at dieting because it isn’t something that’s for life. I know people who go on a diet and deny themselves certain foods, lose some weight, binge eat all the foods they denied themselves, then repeat it all over again. Change is sometimes a lifetime process. What matters is that you always are growing, working on changing for the better, and are realistic.

I wrote the following poem last year and would like to share it again with you with, of course, a few changes so the correct year is in there.


One day out of three hundred sixty five
Doesn’t magically make me strive
Any day I don’t like what’s in the mirror
Means I need to kick myself in the rear
Each day after my coffee & getting dressed
I need to head out and do my best
But it’s OK if I fail at times
As long as I don’t commit any crimes
This rhyme is starting to get off track
Let’s bring the point back
I’m a work that’s in progress
Because real change is a process
Promises made when full of glee
No resolutions are not for me
But here’s to blessings plenty
In the New Year of 2020!🥂

©Animals Are Feeling Beings Too

Happy Sunday!

13 thoughts on “Sunday Pause (Paws): Into The New Year

  1. jowensauthor

    I don’t really make resolutions, myself. I think of some things I’d like to get done during the year (like getting back to working on writing my book), but don’t really make resolutions since I tend to not really stick to them for long.

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  2. AmyRose🌹

    I had to laugh at Chino’s expression! Teehee ….. You and Chino are exactly right! No list of resolutions ever works out. Change is a process and it doesn’t have anything to do with a date. Excellent post, LeeAnn. I really respect the way you and Chino think. I get it. It’s the very same here in our home. Smiles and purrs …… xo

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