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Harming Animals Leads To Harming People


“But perhaps when we look at the connection between animal cruelty and human violence, we would focus more attention on those who abuse animals to prevent them from escalating to crimes against people.”

“This is a serious problem. It is also one that will only get worse if left unchecked.”

Taken from “Animal Cruelty and Human Violence”

The tragedies are too much around our world lately, especially in the Unites States. When you think about what the answer is, does empathy towards animals come to mind? Probably not, but I encourage you to rethink that. Here is my latest poem… Continue reading


Sunday Pause (Paws): Nap Time

It’s Sunday! Time to kick back & relax. The cat below can do that anywhere!


Dakota is my name
Playing hard is my game

I like to have a ball
But when I hit a wall
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Why I Do What I Do

As an animal advocate it can be frustrating feeling like you have to defend yourself. When people don’t feel the same passion that you do about, anything really, it is hard for them to understand. To me, when it comes to something like the well-being of another living being, I truly can’t understand how they can’t feel the same way. So as you can see, the “not understanding” goes both ways.

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Featured on Katzenworld: My Journey With Cino (So Far)

It was published! 🙂

Last week I mentioned that Cino would be featured on Katzenworld and that I would share it with you once it was published. Well it was published this past Thursday.

Since I have shared stories about Cino and written a few poems on my own blog, I decided to write a new poem that encompasses Cino & I’s journey so far for Katzenworld. They publish poems on Thursdays which they call “Purrsday Poetry.”

So without further adieu, click the link below to read the poem on the Katzenworld blog.

Purrsday Poetry: My Journey With Cino


Cino & I hope you enjoy it!

Sunday Pause (Paws): Things You Enjoy

It’s Sunday! Time to kick back, relax, and enjoy the things you enjoy doing.

I enjoy writing poetry and a more recently discovered passion of photography. Not even the photography as much as the editing and fun you can have with one single photo.

Below is an image I had fun creating to go along with a poem I found on Facebook. (Note: I contacted the author of the poem and she knows I am using it)

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Sunday Pause (Paws): For What’s Important

It’s Sunday! Time to kick back, relax, and realize what’s most important.

There has been a lot of tragedy lately. It certainly has been bringing me down a bit. But I know there is also a lot of beauty in the world. A few examples of this beauty I feel are shown in the two pictures below I took of a sunset and a full moon.

sunset sky-aafbt Continue reading