The Real Super Heroes

I love animals! OK, no surprise. But I also love being creative and I can appreciate others creativity as well. I came across the image below and thought it was the coolest painting. This guy found such a creative way to honor the health care workers.

Once I saw this I knew I wanted to make a super hero image. Not necessarily just geared towards what is going on right now in the world, but more in general. Those, who in my opinion, are everyday heroes. I tried a couple things but it wasn’t working. Then I saw a bunch of avatars of friends in my Facebook Newsfeed and it all came together.


Thanks to the everyday SUPER HEROES! (I know there are many more than what’s on there)

Have you been pulled into the avatar craze? If you have I would love to see them! I don’t think we can share images here in comments but you could email it to me at OR in the comments on my Facebook page with my Super Heroes image. I would love to use them and create something with our blogging community.😊

4 thoughts on “The Real Super Heroes

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