Sunday Pause (Paws): Let The Word Search Begin

It’s Sunday! Time to kick back and relax.

One of the things I have always found very relaxing and enjoyable is a Word Search puzzle. I am pretty good and can get them done pretty quickly. There have even been times when myself and someone else competed to see who could find all the words first. I think I won every time. πŸ™‚

Well I created my very first Word Search and I am sharing it today. It is not an online interactive one except for you may be able to do so with the PDF version. I have a link for that below. Otherwise you will need to print it out or save the image and use a drawing app or something. I suppose there is always the option of just finding the words while having the puzzle open on your screen and just not marking them.

Since this is my first puzzle I would really appreciate hearing how it went and how you did it. Here it is. The words to find are the ones in bold in the sentences. I hope you enjoy! (I also provided a link to the answer sheet below)

Word Search PDF version

Word Search Answer Sheet

Happy Sunday!

4 thoughts on “Sunday Pause (Paws): Let The Word Search Begin

  1. Anonymous

    I love these! I’ve already found most of them! Of I think being dyslexic helps. The backwards words are almost always the first ones I find! 😸
    I just did the puzzle here on you’re page! What a great idea!
    Hug Chino for me!πŸ’œπŸ˜ΈπŸΎ

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