Sunday Pause (Paws): Seagulls, Photography, and a Puzzle

It’s Sunday! Time to kick back and relax.

Last Sunday I shared my first ever Word Search. I plan to create more. Maybe I’ll aim for one a month. We’ll see because truthfully they aren’t that easy to create and they’re very time consuming. This week I decided to share a puzzle that, when put together, is of a large group of seagulls I took a photo of last weekend.

Last weekend some of my family met at a park by the river knowing the weather was going to turn cold and it would be months before we could do that again. Because of the pandemic this had become our spot to visit over the simmer. Each time we were there we watched a number of eagles soar around us. I only had my cell phone with and was having no luck at getting any good pictures of them. So last weekend I brought my camera but this time they were hard to spot so I never did get a picture. I did, however, get a few pretty nice ones of other things. The one I am sharing today, the puzzle, is of a big group of seagulls.

This photo is probably my favorite one from the park but there is one more I really like. I decided I’ll save that one for next Sunday. I’ll make that into a puzzle too. 🙂

With more time spent indoors because of winter, and way less to do because of the pandemic, I am hoping some of the activities I am sharing with you are bringing you a little fun.

Here is the puzzle for this week. Enjoy!


When you click the link or image it will take you to jigsaw planet. You will see options to change the background color, go full screen, see the image or “ghost” of image for help, and more. After you put it together come back and let me know how it went and if you enjoyed it.

Happy Sunday! Remember to….

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