Sunday Pawzing to Keep Cool Because it is Jungle Hot

It’s Sunday! Time to kick back & relax.

It’s been a pretty hot summer here. I hear this will become more “normal” with the changing climate. I guess we’ll see. This past Friday it was in the 90’s along with a dew point in the 70’s. When did I move to the jungle?

I am not a fan of this type of weather at all but I feel fortunate to have the luxury of air conditioning to cool off in easily. Most of us do have that luxury, but many animals do not. It is many people’s perception that their an “animal” so they must be fine. What is forgotten is that they are living, feeling beings too and this is not always true, especially when it comes to domesticated animals. So today I am sharing an old post below on how you can help!

Originally posted on June 10, 2017…

If you live somewhere that experiences very hot weather at times, be sure to take safety precautions for your pet. If you bring them outside, make sure they have shade, fresh cold water, and if its really hot only have them outside for short periods of time.

If you notice a neighbor’s pet outside in the heat for too long, please do something.

If you see a pet wandering alone outside, please don’t assume they are okay. They may be a missing pet or be a stray in need of help. Do something.

If you notice a pet in a car in a store parking lot, do something. Since its hard to know how long they have been in the car or will be, bring the license plate number to the store so they can announce it over the intercom. Other things you can do is call the police or 911. Laws are different depending on where you are about whether it is ok to break a car window to get a pet out of a hot car.

What about a child left in a hot car? Well when I googled it, it seems to say similar things. It is a bit unclear on what the law says about this and again it depends on where you live. But if you see a pet or a child in danger, I would hope you would do the right thing. We can’t be expected to stand by and watch helpless beings in distress and possibly die.

Most everyone has a phone with a camera/video on it. Take a picture or a video of the animal or child in distress, so that you have proof they were in danger if you do need to break a car window to rescue them.

Check out the “Hot Car Safety” info below. Most people are probably unaware of the extreme temperature difference between a car and outside. So, PLEASE share this post so we can educate others and protect out furry friends.


End old post

Together we can help animals stay safe this summer!

I hope you, my two legged friends 🙂 , are staying cool too! Happy Sunday!

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