Neglecting The Signs

Hello all. I did not write a Sunday Pawzing post today. Sundays are the day I set aside for writing posts and I try to keep them on the “lighter” side. But since I am not currently writing posts during the week, and this is what is on my mind, I wrote about domestic abuse and animal abuse and how they are intertwined. Therefore, I am not calling it “Sunday Pawzing.”

This is on my mind because someone I know, who we suspect is in an abusive relationship, just had a huge fight with this guy she is living with. Unfortunately her mom was going out of town for the week and bringing her dog to stay with them. This, of course, has me very concerned for her and the dog’s safety.

There is ample research that shows the link between animal violence and human violence. The signs are there in children but people often ignore them. This is a very dangerous thing to do.

With this in mind I wrote the following poem:

I was so happy when we first met
You seemed to be the perfect guy
But then you put your hands on me
You hurt me and I didn’t know why

Seeming sincere in your apology
We started our life together as husband & wife
Had a beautiful home in the suburbs
We were creating our perfect life

You had been kind & loving for a while
I felt safe, but then to my surprise
You did it again, the man I trusted
Had given me two black eyes

You cried and begged for another chance
Giving me flowers, candy, trying to make it up to me
Then you showed up with a kitten in your arms
And now we were a family of three

I have now come to see this is never going to stop
Because you started hurting him too
The more I learned about you and your life
I realized hurting animals was nothing new for you

It started when you were a young boy
But they were brushing it off and said
“Boys will be boys” and they are “just” animals
Neglecting the signs pointing to the road ahead

If you would have been taught the value of all life
I might not be standing here today
With a swollen lip and an injured kitten
Fearing for our safety and running away

©LeeAnn Johnston/Animals Are Feeling Beings Too

4 thoughts on “Neglecting The Signs

  1. catladymac

    There has been some recognition that shelters for domestic abuse victims have to make allowance for the victims bringing their animals with them, because if the pet can’t leave too the victim will often stay for the sake of the animal/

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