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Being There for Animals in Distress

A few Saturdays ago, I was drinking coffee and I looked out my sliding glass window, which faces the woods. I noticed three raccoons trying to walk but kept falling over. I instantly gasped. I continued to watch them to make sure I wasn’t worrying for nothing. They continued to fall over, all three of them, as they tried to walk. A little while later I
noticed one of them trying to get up a hill and he would take a step or two and then fall over and roll back down the hill. It was absolutely heartbreaking to watch!

I assumed they were suffering from poisoning. I couldn’t stand the thought of just walking away knowing they were really suffering. I didn’t know where to call though. After checking into the DNR where I didn’t get anybody on the phone and unsure if the Wildlife Rehabilitation Center would come and pick them up (their website talks about bringing animals to them), I called the police and they did come out and look for them. They said they would bring them to the Wildlife Rehabilitation Center if they could find the raccoons. I don’t know if they ever found them. I talked to an officer twice and he was having trouble locating them because they kept going in and out of the woods.

I said a prayer for them and took notes from what I learned this day so I would be better prepared if I encounter a situation like this again. I know now the police will help and I contacted the Wildlife Rehabilitation Center to see if they will pick up animals.

If any of you run into a situation like this, I hope you will not turn your back on the animal in distress, but take the time to help them. Learn from me and find out NOW what kind of help is available in your neighborhood for these types of situations so you are not spending so much time trying to figure that out while they are continuing to suffer. The sooner the animals gets help, the more likely it can be saved. After all, Animals are Feeling Beings Too.

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