Your Child Not Acting the Way You Want…Drive Them Out to the Woods

Your Child Is Not Acting the Way You Would Like Them To. Would You Consider Driving Them Far Off Into the Woods and Leaving Them There?

*I ask you to please watch all of the videos to get a full understanding of the message I am trying to convey in this post. The longest one is the first one which is a little over 4 minutes, but worth the watch. The other two are less than two minutes long. So here we go…

You got married, had a baby, and oh what hopes and dreams you have for them. You enjoyed those precious years when they were young and still listened to you. Then, it happens…they become a teenager or a young adult. They no longer listen to you. Maybe they are hanging around the wrong crowd, or have an addiction, or got someone pregnant, or committed a crime. Maybe all you do is fight with them. They cause you so much frustration, money, time. So here you are, decision time. Do you stick with it and try to help them through this the best you can? They are, of course, a member of your family.

Please take a moment to watch this video and then continue on with the post.
(Some of you may have seen this video in my post “Do Dogs Have Feelings?”, but I think it’s worth a second watch)

In this video, here is a member of a family who, in their eyes, was causing some trouble and was a bother. So, their answer was dumping him far off in the woods to fend for himself.

When there are accidents, behavior issues, sickness, and when “someone” isn’t acting they way we want them to or things don’t go as smoothly as we would like, we can learn a lesson from this next video.

You find a solution to make EVERYONE happy!

We Really Like Animals

At this time of year, many people give an animal as a gift. This is something that takes careful consideration and preparation. It is not something to take lightly or to do on a whim. It is a lifetime commitment. They are like children, they depend on us to care for them, to teach them, and to have patience with them. They are not disposable. They deserve a lifetime with a family like in this video below.

Give your pet a hug today! And whatever they are going through, stick with them. They are depending on you.

Please consider sharing this post. Not for my sake, but for all of the animals out there who might be given as a random gift this Christmas. Thank you!

17 thoughts on “Your Child Not Acting the Way You Want…Drive Them Out to the Woods

      1. Conchita Quilt

        Thank you!!! People think I’m crazy here because I watch over my four dogs like they were small children! Different mentality, they just don’t get it and they love to poison people’s pets when they have a disagreement, so I don’t even let mine run about outside on my property unless I’m with them watching all the time! There’s a reason I never learned to shoot, itchy trigger finger 😉 Going to bed now if they make room for me LOL, goodnight all!

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  1. AmyRose🌹

    God bless you, LeeAnn, for keep on getting the message out that these animals are precious. Every day I care for animals with owners who do not care for. They have been discarded and the horse is always alone. I’ve gotten her to trust me to the point where she whinnies when I enter the barn and kisses me, with actual glee in her eyes when she sees me. I spend some time with her, giving her more hay, and water too. When the owner walks into that barn this horse does nothing. For the past 15 years I’ve been helping out these animals even going as far as getting some females spayed. I have stories upon stories. Cuddles just happens to be one of the kittens we took into our home and today is our family. A total of 8 barn cats we have taken in. And still I stand watch making sure no more kittens are brought in. That almost happened this past summer. You have no idea how I felt. Prayers stopped this from happening. Thank you again, dear friend!! ❤

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    1. Animals Are Feeling Beings Too Post author

      God bless YOU for caring for these animals who sound neglected. Why do your neighbors even have these animals? It doesn’t sound like they even care about them. I hope to hear more of the stories you have about these animals and to share them on my blog (if you don’t mind). 🙂

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      1. AmyRose🌹

        Firstly they liked kittens so they didn’t fix their female barn cats. No thought for these cats. They also had the attitude cats take care of themselves so did not feed them. I saw them pregnant and starving until I could no longer stand it and stepped in. They have the horse so they can claim agricultural taxes which are much cheaper then regular taxes. And these people are millionaires. You have no idea how hard it is sometimes to tolerate their ignorance. I’ve tried to influence them and have to a point. I won’t stop what I am doing.

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