Happy 2017!

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HAPPY NEW YEAR! I haven’t been very active on my blog the last few weeks because I have been very busy with the holidays! I hope everyone has been enjoying this wonderful time of year.

What do you think of the cartoon above? It is pretty funny how people have such great intentions of making changes.

What I hope for in the New Year is more laws to protect animals. As hard as it is to think of some of the terrible cruelty out there, it is necessary that we pay attention. There are things happening out there we can’t even imagine, such as one activity in another country where they tie dogs to the top of bulls, and then send them off to their death in a bull fight. It is things like that, my friends, that we have to speak up against for the sake of animals.


Here’s to a healthy, happy, New Year for you and ALL of our furry friends!

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