This Tuesday’s Tale: A Love Story


The tale of Lacy & Karma

What is the first thought that pops into your head when you see a Pitbull?

It’s not unreasonable that you might be a bit nervous and unsure around them given their reputation. You hear about them attacking people and other animals all of the time. There are all kinds of articles out there saying how dangerous they are, yet on the flip side there are articles that defend them.

Personally, I do not need an article to tell me what to think. I believe Pitbulls are taught by bad people to be dangerous. I hear stories about sweet Pitbulls that are beaten (and a lot worse) so they become mad & mean. Then they will fight for awful people in dog fighting rings.

What is wrong with people that watching two sweet, precious, living, feeling beings tear each other apart and to them it is entertainment?! (My rant for the day)

Well since today is Valentine’s Day, I have a love story. This story is between an autistic girl and her Pitbull. You can read about their relationship here. Also, below is a sweet video full of pictures of the two of them from when Lacy was a baby.

Happy Valentine’s Day to you all!

Image result for animals and hearts png imagesPitter Patter of Little Paws

9 thoughts on “This Tuesday’s Tale: A Love Story

  1. colinandray

    Sadly, so many people are quick to judge regardless of the circumstances. Pitbulls/Staffies/Dobermans etc etc., but then many people react negatively to short skirts, long hair on men. couples with an obvious cultural mix etc. etc., people living on the street, the unshaven, dreadlocks…. the list is endless. We have a problem with our species!

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  2. Sherry

    People should be wary of ALL dogs, not because of any certain breed but because of not knowing how they are treated by their owners.This past summer we had a pit bull get loose from her owner. We have a fenced yard so I put her in it until the owner came for her. At first I was scared because my elderly husband, who doesn’t move around too well, was out there and also because my little fur-daughter, a mini schnauzer, was out there. She has had run-ins with growling and snarling Rotties and German Shepherds. So I hurried and got my baby in the house even though the two dogs were getting to know each other and playing a bit. I went to pet the beauty of a pittie and…wow! So soft! Like a puppy! Then, all of a sudden, I’m getting kisses all over my face! She was a sweetie, and her owner was so very nice and appreciative that we put her in our fenced yard. But, still, I’d rather be cautious than regretfully sorry. Well, now I know that my fur-daughter gets along with pitties! It might be our second fur-child!

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  3. gooddogpetcareservices

    I am always cautious when meeting a new dog, but I try to stay open-minded and never pre-judge a breed. I only ever judge an individual, I believe that’s the fairest way to work. Every dog, let alone every breed, has the ability to harm a fellow dog or person – correct ownership has the most significant impact on the behaviour of an adult dog. When you see a dog behaving ‘badly’, chances are it’s due to lack of guidance from the owner not because the breed is ‘bad’. In the U.K. Staffordshire Bull Terriers (Staffies) have such a bad reputation. I work with two regularly (one from a puppy who is now 1yr old and the other is a rescue who is 5yrs old), both of these dogs are dog- and human-friendly and so affectionate despite having considerably different starts in life. I hope that eventually more people will see this and stop with the stereotypes; punish the owners not the breeds!

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    1. Animals Are Feeling Beings Too Post author

      Thank you for your comment! You make some really good points. I wish more Humane Societies had the proper staff to help work with animals that, as you said, “have had a bad start in life” (and probably at no fault of their own). This way they wouldn’t be labeled “unadoptable.”

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