Sunday Pause (Paws): Easter

It’s Sunday! Doesn’t Cino make a beautiful princess?! (Although, as you can tell, I couldn’t quite get the tiara actually on her)


But today is not about princesses.

Astro2-Tammy copy

Isn’t Astro, my friend’s new bunny, adorable?  But today is not about bunnies.

While I usually say it’s a day for kicking back and relaxing, today is different. This Sunday is Easter Sunday. Today is about the king.

The video below is the song “Hallelujah” with the words changed especially for Easter! It is beautiful! I hope you enjoy it as well as your Easter egg hunts, time with family, great food, or whatever you do this Sunday!

Please check out my other two posts from this Easter season, my french toast bake recipe for your Easter get together and yesterday’s post “What Jesus Wouldn’t Do” to think of our animal friends this Easter as well. Happy Easter!

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