What Wouldn’t Jesus Do?

My blog isn’t just about animals, its about how people perceive animals. Humans are to be stewards of the animals on earth and instead are powering over them. Jesus didn’t even do that to us. Although he does have all of the power, he powered under people, serving them. He is loving and peaceful.

What about your boss? They have the power at a job, but does that mean they can or should abuse you? Are they not there to teach, help, encourage, and to keep order?

You have probably heard the saying “What Would Jesus Do?.” What about what Jesus wouldn’t do? Easter is a Christian holiday where we focus on the love of Jesus, so I would like to give you some thoughts on what he wouldn’t do.

He wouldn’t keep baby calves confined in such a small space that they couldn’t move around in order to keep them from building muscle so he could call them veal and eat them.

He wouldn’t keep cows in a factory farm injecting them with hormones, abusing them, pushing injured ones along with a plow, and never allow them to be outside.

He wouldn’t make a horse race, inject them with drugs to cover up their injuries and pain so he could bet on them.

He wouldn’t take an elephant or tiger from their natural habitat and beat them into submission so they can perform tricks for him and his children.

He wouldn’t bring a bull into a crowd of screaming people and ride on his back completely frustrating the animal to the point of causing injury to himself or the bull.

He wouldn’t ignore an animal who is out in the cold or rain.

He wouldn’t beat a pitbull over & over until he becomes so mean he fights back in a fighting ring with other dogs so he could bet on which dog is going to get killed.

He wouldn’t set a trap for a wild animal to get caught in and be in excruciating pain so he could make something out of the fur.

He wouldn’t keep animals in a cage in a laboratory doing indescribable things to them in the name of science.

He wouldn’t force horses to pull a wagon all day to the point of exhaustion, illness, and death simply for his entertainment and to make a buck.

How do I know this, because Jesus is love and those things are not.


There are a lot of questions, misunderstandings, and interpretations of the Old Testament. There are chapters about people killing other people and animal sacrifices. The thing that people miss is that Jesus came and died for us to put an end to all of the rituals. We are to live in love for ALL of creation.

If you are interested there is a new book by Greg Boyd called “The Crucifixion of the Warrior God” that is his interpretation of the things that happened in the Old Testament. If you want to find out more about Greg Boyd, just google his name, there is tons of information about him.

6 thoughts on “What Wouldn’t Jesus Do?

  1. Emily Susanne

    I love this! There’s actually a lot in the Old Testament about the Israelites treating their neighbor’s animals with respect and kindness. God wants us to care about all creation. Happy Easter 🙂

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    1. Animals Are Feeling Beings Too Post author

      I know. I don’t understand humans. I feel so bad for animals that there are not enough laws to protect them and that there are debates out there about whether they have “feelings” or not. Really?! We have to wonder that. I think it is more than obvious they do!!! They are living beings that feel pain, get sad, scared, hungry, tired, sick, etc. What is there to debate?

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      1. Joyful2bee

        Again I totally agree. If a cat can glare at you, look anxious and looks for her when her friend doesn’t return from the vet with you, (she had to stay for a little while), how can anyone deny that they have feelings?

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