This Tuesday’s Tale: Cino and the Vet Appointment

Since this Tuesday was Cino’s appointment at the vet, I thought I would share how it went in a storybook kind of way for this Tuesday’s Tale.


There once was a cat named Cino
Who has a mom that loves her so
She is more than just an animal
But a family member don’t you know?

Play, eat, cuddle, & love
This is a day with her cat
She is more than just an animal
Oh, she is so much more than that!

Once a year off to the vet they go
For Cino this not a treat
She is more than just an animal
Her love just can’t be beat!

Blood was found in her urine sample
At the vet appointment last year
She is more than just an animal
So her mom went from joy to fear!

A change in her diet is what she needed
But with Cino this would not be easy
She is more than just an animal
This cat she is her sweetie!

Back to the vet for her annual exam
With a new urine sample in hand
She is more than just an animal
Life without her would seem so bland!

The vet said everything looks good
So mom took a big sigh of relief
You see, Cino is so much more than an animal
But a being with a soul…that is mom’s belief!


When they got back home, Cino laid down
As if to say, I didn’t like that mother
Cino is more than just an animal
To her mom she is like no other!


It takes Cino a while to relax when back home
But eventually does and again all is fine
You see Cino is much more than an animal
She is a gift from God…and her love is all mine!

Thanks once again for the prayers, encouragement, and nice comments for Cino & I!

The appointment went well, he said everything looked good. There was a small trace of blood in the urine sample, but he doesn’t seemed concerned and the concentration of her urine is great!

Since Cino won’t eat the recommended food to help keep her from getting kidney stones, he recommended another one to try. These are prescription canned foods and Cino is used to high quality grain-free foods. An employee at a pet food store told me veterinarians do not know a whole lot about pet nutrition. So how much do I take in my own hands? My vet says the food over the counter doesn’t help keep kidney stones from forming as the prescription food can. Does anyone know of a good one out there?

Even though, she has some tartar on a few back teeth, he said her teeth look better than most cats at any age. I will continue to work on trying to remove the tartar off of those teeth, but this is no easy task! Have any of you ever worked at getting tartar off of your cat’s teeth? If so, any tips?

One of the hardest things about today was getting her in her carrier. I thought I had a trick to get her in there. I would put food in the back of it and when she went in to eat it, I would close the door, but that didn’t work today! I swear she somehow knew we were going to the vet because she was acting weird all morning. This made me think how she acted like this the last few vet appointment mornings. How does she know that is where we are going? I think it is easier to take a dog to the vet, but maybe I am wrong. Does anyone have any tricks or tips on getting a cat in their carrier?

I can’t be the only one I bet
Who days before begins to fret
About taking your beloved pet
To the annual appointment at the vet

Prayers would be appreciated for Cino’s continued good health! Thanks again!

23 thoughts on “This Tuesday’s Tale: Cino and the Vet Appointment

  1. Mary McNeil

    A two-door carrier was a life-saver for me -there is a top hatch that opens and it makes it much easier to put the cat in. Glad everything turned out so well .

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  2. Lauren

    Wow, LeeAnn–congratulations on a really near-excellent report!

    Coolidge was prescribed a renal support tinned food, but he declared it disgusting and would not eat it at all. I wasn’t going to force-feed him in his remaining few months. I gave him what he liked and he would eat a bit–for a while. Inappetence is inevitable with renal failure, but I refused to let him starve. I liquefied his food and fed him with a syringe. He was too weak to refuse. It kept him from dehydration and starvation for a while.

    As for getting a cat into a carrier–I can’t, and if I could get even 11-pound Effie in, I can’t pick up the heavy carrier with her in it. I need help. We make the appointment at a time when my husband can leave his office and come home and help me. He’ll come to the appointment, and bring Effie back in the house. Would Cino follow a favorite treat into the carrier? It might be an “It takes a village” thing.

    Even if Cino hates the whole ordeal, she’ll still love you–and she’ll be thrilled once she’s home and out of the carrier.

    Take good care–it’s hard, I know–possibly one of the hardest things you’ll ever do. ❤

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  3. Caren Gittleman

    Poor Cino I, (the mom) have chronic kidney stones and they are NO FUN. My Angel Bobo once had 6 kidney stones removed….I don’t remember him ever being put on a special diet, I think the Vet suggested I try Science Diet but Bobo hated it, so I didn’t bother. Also, we have a carrier that opens in the front AND top……..I keep the carrier out ALL of the time so that Cody doesn’t associate it with the Vet. He sleeps in it often. For going to the Vet I close the front door of the carrier, open the top, grab him and pop him in. Going in FEET FIRST rather than head first for a cat is MUCH less traumatic.

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  4. My Golden Life

    First of all, about that pet store employee: keep in mind that part of their job is to sell you what they have in stock.

    Secondly, about your vet. HE knows Cino’s medical history. He is not going to suggest feeding her anything that would harm her in any way. I’ve been down this road before. Trust your vet and put the store employee’s words aside.

    Last but not least: you and Cino will remain in my prayers for as long as you want to be.

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  5. Amy

    Beautiful pictures and poem to say how much you precious Cino means to you.
    When a tiny stone was found in Lexi’s kidney, the vet told me to switch her to distilled water. She drank it just like any other water. Of course, Lexi was a dog, so don’t know if Cino would.

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