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It’s How You React That Matters

Today was Cino’s annual vet appointment. Not something I enjoy and certainly not something Cino enjoys.

You’ve heard these sayings:

“Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it”
“The glass is half empty or the glass is half full”
“When life gives you lemons, make lemonade”

Well how I have always dealt with her annual appointment is with anxiety and protective mama instincts. I was more or less seeing the vet as a “bad place.” I just want to get in and out as fast as possible.

It is true that God brings good out of every bad situation. If you recall last year I had to take Cino in for an ultrasound and I was worried sick. I did a lot of praying and God was certainly there. I don’t usually talk to anybody when I am at the clinic with Cino. I am too busy being nervous and “protecting” her. But at this appointment while in the waiting room waiting to be called in for the ultrasound there was a couple of other worried pet parents there and we talked. We kept each other company and helped calm each other’s nerves. And all of the staff was very kind, gentle, and understanding. So even though that appointment was a very scary one, it taught me something…that my vet isn’t a “bad place.”

So this time for her annual check up I did things differently. Continue reading

Sunday Pause (Paws): For The Season

It’s Sunday! Time to kick back, relax, and enjoy the season.

This time of year, the Christmas season, I spend most of my time shopping, decorating, and wrapping presents. All of it is preparation, then it comes and goes in what seems like a minute.

This year, I am trying to really enjoy the season by spending more time with loved ones. Last weekend I spent an entire day making Christmas cookies with a few long time friends. Yesterday I spent the day with my niece. We went to a craft show and out to eat. Today our family is going to see “The Nutcracker.” Great memories in the making. This is what it is all about.

It is good to remember that although there are many fun activities this time of year, the season is not about what we can get or can get out of it, but actually should be more-so what we can give. Maybe give an offering at church, volunteer at a homeless shelter, or donate money to an animal organization. There are many people and animals out there in need.

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This Tuesday’s Tale: Cino and the Vet Appointment

Since this Tuesday was Cino’s appointment at the vet, I thought I would share how it went in a storybook kind of way for this Tuesday’s Tale.


There once was a cat named Cino
Who has a mom that loves her so
She is more than just an animal
But a family member don’t you know?

Play, eat, cuddle, & love
This is a day with her cat
She is more than just an animal
Oh, she is so much more than that! Continue reading

Are Animal Advocates Judgmental?


I’ve heard people say animal advocates are “judgmental.” So, I look at myself and I think…am I? Let me tell you a few stories.

Years ago I worked at an animal hospital. It was a weekend job caring for the animals that were boarded there. I was so excited! I was still trying to figure out where I wanted to put my passion for animals to use. I was so excited to learn and see if this might be the type of business I would want to be in. But I didn’t like the veterinarian and in the end, he said I was always asking questions and “suspicious.” Well…you be the judge. Continue reading

Cino’s Appointment

Today was the appointment day and I would like to start this post with how God answered mine & your prayers.

  • I put some food in the back of Cino’s carrier and she went in to eat which allowed for me to be able to shut it without a fight. (Pray that she doesn’t catch on to this and refuse to go in again)
  • I arrived at the vet clinic at 10:45 a.m. and was home at 12:10 p.m. (Believe me, it is rare to not be there for at least a few hours)
  • Cino is ok (I’ll explain)
  • I am ok (I’ll explain)

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Routine Exams-Ugh!

Those routine annual exams, none of us are particularly fond of them, but they are important!

doctor-checklistHarvard Health Publications

I just had a bit of a scare being called back in for a recheck after a routine annual exam. Because of this, I asked others for prayer, prayed myself, and kept myself busy until the appointment. Our pets are not to fond of these annual exams either, but at least they do not know they are going until you take them. They don’t have to spend that “waiting” time. Waiting for the appointment day, waiting to be called in, and waiting for the results.

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Declawing a Cat

One of my “Tuesday Tales” sparked quite a conversation with myself and a few other bloggers. The post was about my cat, Cino, and our first weeks together.


Here is the part of the post that got the conversations going:

“The next few weeks would turn out to be a pretty rough beginning for us. I had to take her to the veterinarian to catch up on some vaccinations and because she was sick. She needed to be given medication for the next 10 days (poor thing). Then I went to give the paperwork from the veterinarian to the apartment manager. She gave them back to me and said she needed to be declawed in the back. What?!” Continue reading

Start Young in Teaching Compassion to Animals

Below are a few links to the game for children “Toca Pet Doctor.” In this game there are a bunch of animals that are waiting for their turn to be helped at the veterinarian’s office. What happened to them?

I have personally used this game in computer classes that I teach to preschoolers. The children love helping them! I love using this game as an opportunity to discuss caring for animals! We talked about how these animals may have gotten hurt, how this makes them feel, and how it could have been prevented. For example, there is a bird who’s foot is stuck in gum. We discussed how if someone would not have thrown their gum on the ground (littering), the bird would not have gotten stuck in it. Then we discussed how the gum should have been thrown in the garbage.

After the children play “veterinarian” and help the animals, the animals are given treats that the children can feed to them. This teaches which foods each type of animal eats.

For a pretty straight forward game that’s not hard to figure out, there are so many teachable moments in it! Most of all “Caring for Animals.” After all, they are feeling beings that get sick and hurt just like we do!

Toca Pet Doctor (iTunes)

Toca Pet Doctor (Google Play)