Sunday Pause (Paws): For Autumn

It’s Sunday! A time to kick back, relax, and pause for change.

Change can be something we are excited about or scared of. Change can be good and it can be bad. When it comes to season changes this can also be good, bad, or exciting, depending on how you look at it. Well right now we are smack dab right in the middle of my favorite season…autumn. This change is good and so beautiful!

I have gone on a few day trips lately and tried to capture some of the beauty of autumn. We aren’t having our best year for leaf colors, but it’s still out there.

I ran across this on a sidewalk in a town I was visiting. I thought it was perfect for this post.


Don’t you just love the sun shining through the tree in the picture below?


The photo below wasn’t coming out quite right for me, so I worked on it and changed it into artwork (as it says, that’s us in the car).

car shadow-art-work-aafbt

Do you see the bird in the picture below?


The next three photos are of not only of this beautiful season, but beautiful surroundings as well.




While taking these drives, I usually see cows in pastures, horses out in fields, birds flying around, and more. It brings me so much joy seeing animals in the environment that was created by God and intended for them.

I am hoping to capture some more photos before all the leaves fall off the trees. If I do, I will share them with you next Sunday.

Do you get to experience this beautiful season where you live?

Happy Sunday! Enjoy your day.

14 thoughts on “Sunday Pause (Paws): For Autumn

  1. Amy

    I also love being out in nature. Unfortunately, the hubbie is allergic to much in nature and I get poison whatever just by looking at it, it seems. But I can still sit in the car and look!

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