Sunday Pause (Paws): Things You Enjoy

It’s Sunday! Time to kick back, relax, and enjoy the things you enjoy doing.

I enjoy writing poetry and a more recently discovered passion of photography. Not even the photography as much as the editing and fun you can have with one single photo.

Below is an image I had fun creating to go along with a poem I found on Facebook. (Note: I contacted the author of the poem and she knows I am using it)


Captured by a Steeple

A cat, he sat upon a shelf,
Jacob was his name,
Looking at a painting
In a golden wooden frame.

I wondered what had captured
The eye of this sweet cat.
A fish, a bug, a bird in flight?
What was he looking at?

And then I saw it for myself
Tucked between the trees,
A steeple, strong and mighty
Pointing to our King.

Such a pure and peaceful sign
Even cats are mesmerized.
A steeple pointing upward
To our Savior Jesus Christ.

Lucinda Berry Hill Author ©

Could you see the cat in the image?

Although the poem I used above is not mine, I do enjoy writing poems as I mentioned. I have written and shared a number of them on my blog. I thought I would re-share one of them.

A Life is a Life

Female and male come together
A life is formed in the womb
When it’s time, born into this world
A baby’s life is brand new

Unable to care for itself
This new life needs love and care
Help from another life
And certainly the need for prayer

Without shelter life is rough
Without love they grow mean & cold
Without food they will starve
And not live long enough to grow old

These lives depending on you
None of us meant to be on our own
In a world that can be so hard
For a baby or when grown

Looking at new life
And the needs to get by
Do you think it’s just about humans
If that is what you’re thinking, why?

Do animals not need
These very same things?
Were they and we
Not both created by the king?

One has fur, the other does not
One has four legs, the other has two
It is true ALL lives matter,
So who cares if red, purple, or blue

Not all basic needs are met
Some are alone or living in fear
Some beaten, starved and ignored
Wondering if any help is near

How do they defend themselves
Against mankind what can they do?
They have no voice in this world
Except a meow, woof, & moo

The good news is there will be a time
When all of the pain will end
For you, for me
And for all of our animal friends

But there is a lot of suffering
Until that time is here
So step up, be their voice
Let them know help IS NEAR

©Animals Are Feeling Beings Too

There! Now I have shared two things with you I enjoy doing. What about you? What do you enjoy? I would love to hear.

Happy Sunday! Take time for things you enjoy. It is really important for our overall well-being.

12 thoughts on “Sunday Pause (Paws): Things You Enjoy

  1. colinandray

    “A Stray they named Ray” (from my book “Just Thinking”)

    They were found on a farm
    Not too far away,
    But… where was their home?
    Two dogs, frightened, hungry,
    So very tired and,
    Surviving somehow on their own.
    The rescue van arrived,
    And the crew discussed
    How best to capture this pair.
    Traps were determined
    To be the most humane,
    But… so many questions were there.
    Why were these two dogs
    Having to scavenge for food?
    Why were they out on their own?
    The treats in the traps,
    Put an end to all that,
    And they were captured, scared… and alone.
    They had no collars; no tags;
    No microchips were found.
    They were just two dogs without names.
    Their faces were expressionless,
    And their fur in poor condition.
    Were they siblings? Perhaps their mother was the same?
    Once back at the shelter
    They were caged together,
    But then a fight ensued.
    Trainers intervened,
    And gave them separate cages,
    But then had to decide what to do.
    One (they later named Ray) was not unfriendly,
    Although cautious and rather aloof.
    He seemed to know he was no longer alone.
    He was given a bath and a bowl of food
    And, with some loving care (they thought),
    He could possibly adapt to a home.
    He was a sorry sight,
    And no doubt a once proud dog.
    Clearly a German Shepherd cross,
    Just managing to survive,
    By eating scraps to stay alive.
    To explain him, they were quite at a loss.
    They tried to find his owners.
    They checked the Missing Pets files,
    But there only seemed one option.
    He now belonged to the shelter
    And… as he was neither reported lost, nor stolen,
    He would be trained for adoption.
    Four months later he was ready.
    His adoption photo was published,
    And all were looking for a sign.
    He needed a family,
    To love… and be loved by.
    This will, hopefully, be his time.
    Eventually a couple arrived
    Who clearly were drawn to him,
    And regular walks were arranged.
    It was soon to be seen
    That his life, as it had been,
    Was quickly going to change.
    His day of adoption came.
    The staff all said their farewells.
    Smiles, and tears, were all around,
    For the life of a stray;
    Of a dog they named Ray;
    A life almost lost… had been found.

    (A tribute to our beloved Ray)

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  2. HorseWhisperer

    When I read your poem “A Life is Life” it reminded me of the bill about hunting you posted about. Animals’ lives are precious, and so are ours. Our world doesn’t need ciaos and killing; it needs love and understanding.

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