Animals In The Weather

In November of 2016 I wrote a post about someone who was concerned about the dog next door being left outside and was asking my advice. I want to share that post again because it is a topic that deserves thought & discussion.

Where I am it has been brutally cold. We have had below zero temperatures lasting more than a week in a row. I think about any poor animals that might be out in this weather without shelter. Whether it be because of a bad pet parent (hate the word “owner”), they are lost, or that they are a stray, having to endure these temperatures must be brutal. I’m sure it even causes some animals to lose their life. 😦


I recently saw something on Facebook that said something like “If I drive by your house and see your dog outside I will assume they are out for some fresh air and to do their business. If I drive by your house an hour later and see your dog still outside, I am taking them and finding a better home for them.” I can’t help it, reading this made me smile! It always comforts me when I know others are thinking and feeling the same way I am when it comes to animals.

If you find yourself in a situation like this and want to help (which I hope you would), I don’t actually think the first thing to do should be to take the dog (or cat). You should  try talking with the pet parents first. But if the dog (or cat) seems to be in immediate danger because of the length of time out in the freezing temperatures (or extreme heat), then to me…all bets are off. This is about saving a life!

It would be a good idea to take pictures of the dog (or cat) outside and of the home, etc., to help prove to local authorities that you were acting in the best interest of the dog (or cat) because it was in immediate danger.

Here is the link to the previous post: Pets Outside in the Cold-What Do We Do? I received some great comments on this post. Join the conversation and share your thoughts and knowledge on this topic.

15 thoughts on “Animals In The Weather

  1. Lauren

    I would call law enforcement, because where I live they have keys to the animal shelter so an uncared-for pet can be taken there and be safe, warm, and fed. They can also follow up with the owner about animal neglect laws.

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  2. felineopines

    We feel sorry for the feral kitties and homeless canines this winter. We hope everyone creates some safe warm space for these critters. ‘Makes us very grateful for our humans and the fireplace!
    Purrs & Head Bonks,
    Alberto and The Tribe of Five

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  3. Beth Keene

    Any animal that is left outside in frigid weather risks injury just like humans. Imagine going outside in your bare feet, no gloves and just a sweater in sub zero temperatures. It wouldn’t take long to get frost bite and the pain you’d feel on your bare feet, standing in the snow would be excruciating. I say; knock on the persons door to inform them that you are concerned (if you feel safe doing so). If not, call your local Humane Society to report it. They will know how to advise you or to report animal cruelty

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      1. Beth Keene

        I work in a veterinarian office as well as pet sit and some of the things I’ve seen are quite shocking. mMost owners that truly care about their furry critters are wonderful humans and would never leave their furbaby out in the cold…thank goodness

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