The Paw Pact

What is the Paw Pact? It is this…


(image found on Facebook)

When I saw this Paw Pact image on Facebook I knew I would be making a post out of it. It is exactly how I feel. I do not feel animals are disposable and once you bring them in your home they become family and you don’t just get rid of family.

Animals are little angels. Just the other day a friend of mine put this on her Facebook Page: “Just because my children have 4 legs and fur and aren’t human, doesn’t mean they aren’t as important as your human children.” -Me I completely understand where she is coming from and feel the same way. The love one can have for an animal can be just as strong as it is for a human and when a person’s feelings for their pet is disregarded or minimized it can be very upsetting.

Just yesterday I was thinking about my sister who passed away this past summer suddenly. Her birthday is in April so I have been thinking a lot about her lately.ย  I was feeling pretty sad and started crying when I got home. But a few minutes of holding my sweet Cino and getting kisses & cuddles, I was feeling much better.

Cino is not just a cat, she is a part of my family and ALWAYS WILL BE.


This really is my hand and Cino’s paw. It’s one of my favorite pics. ๐Ÿ™‚

Here is a poem I wrote last year that seems fitting to share again in this post. I hope you like it.

I brought you home
You became part of the family
A new life Iโ€™ve given to you
Which you accepted happily

We have our own โ€œdiscussionsโ€
Together we eat, play & rest
Now life with me is what you know
Things are surely at their best

But time surely does go by quick
One day weโ€™ll both slow down
Itโ€™s inevitable that aging will come
And our bodies will start to breakdown

The difference between me & you my pet
Is that your turn to age will be first
But I will always be there as I have been
Through the best times and the worst

You see, you are my family
And we are together until the end
Iโ€™ll always love you, so never fear
I would never abandon my best friend

ยฉAnimals Are Feeling Beings Too

15 thoughts on “The Paw Pact

  1. IreneDesign2011

    Beautiful LeeAnn and I agree so much. There can come complications by one or another reason, but if it is necessary to give an animal away, we need to take care, that they will get a good life in their new home. Reasons can be allergy, illness or death and better to give the animals a chance to get a new life, than take them down, I mean.

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