Saving A Turtle In The Road

Helping another living creature is no small thing, it is saving a life!

The other day when I was coming home from work I noticed something in the road. I drove up slowly to get a look and saw that it was a little turtle inside it’s shell. I pulled over from this busy street to go take a look. I was trying to see if he was still alive, had a broken shell, or what the situation was. Then all of a sudden I saw some movement come from inside the shell and I realized it was his little head moving around. I think he was trying to get a peek at me! 🙂

turtle crossing road

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Figuring this little guy was scared and not going to get across this road safely I knew I had to pick him up and move him. Now I am not 11 years old anymore when picking up a turtle was nothing. I was a little nervous. I thought things like “could this be a snapping turtle?”, “what if I drop him?”, or “is it sanitary to be touching him?” Probably all silly thoughts.

Cars started coming from each direction and there I was standing in the middle of the road trying to get the courage to pick this little guy up. Now I’m not one who is going to let some traffic keep me from saving an animal…I thought right away “sorry ya all, you’re going to have to wait. I am saving an animal.”

I think I have shared with you before how one day I stopped for some geese to cross the road and there was a car behind me laying on the horn and would not quit. I thought “alright person, what would you like me to do, just plow right through them?” My cousin just recently shared how she was trying to help a little dog off the road but had somebody laying on the horn and yelling obscenities. Honestly, we can not be in such a hurry that we can not stop to help another living being in need.

Back to the little turtle from the other day. As the cars stopped and looked at me as I was trying to figure out what in the world I was going to do, I carefully grabbed him on the sides and set him in the dirt on the edge of the park.

I left worrying about him though. Was he ok? I prayed for him and decided the next morning on my way to work I would check in on him. I stopped to see if he was still there and thank God he wasn’t. I thought “whew”, maybe the little guy found a safer place to be.

Doing such a small act of kindness is a very big thing! I saved a life that day!

6 thoughts on “Saving A Turtle In The Road

  1. Lauren

    By my reckoning, LeeAnn, you did exactly the right thing. You might, if you feel threatened, or if an animal is too much for you physically, call for an animal control officer and request assistance.

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