A Different View


God created all the animals
THEN he created man
Trusting us with dominion over them
That was his beautiful plan

Dominion means power & control
Authority, command & sway
Is your view of that bad?
Because that is not God’s way

Elephant-partial-with-glasses-smaller-aafbtDoes not a boss also have this
Over all his employees at work?
Would you continue to stay there
If he treated you like a jerk?

A parent even has this authority
Over all of their children too
The human voice is heard everywhere
But what is an animal to do?

cow-partial-with-glasses-smaller-aafbtYou see dominion is a responsibility
Something that has been given to you
What you do with it is your choice
It’s a great opportunity too

Authority is to lead
To keep order over how things are ran
In this world without this
It would feel like we’re in sinking sand

fox-with-glasses-smaller-aafbtYou see dominion is something good
When handled as it should be
But we’ve been inflicting pain & suffering
On animals that God wants free

Treating them with love & compassion
Is not something brand new
It was spoken in the word in the beginning
The world needs to see animals with a different view

cino-with-glasses-tweaked-smaller-aafbtSome people will think you’re crazy
Because you speak up and you’re not in the norm
Or is it that you’re tuned in where you should be
And not willing to conform?

©Animals Are Feeling Beings Too


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