It’s How You React That Matters

Today was Cino’s annual vet appointment. Not something I enjoy and certainly not something Cino enjoys.

You’ve heard these sayings:

“Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it”
“The glass is half empty or the glass is half full”
“When life gives you lemons, make lemonade”

Well how I have always dealt with her annual appointment is with anxiety and protective mama instincts. I was more or less seeing the vet as a “bad place.” I just want to get in and out as fast as possible.

It is true that God brings good out of every bad situation. If you recall last year I had to take Cino in for an ultrasound and I was worried sick. I did a lot of praying and God was certainly there. I don’t usually talk to anybody when I am at the clinic with Cino. I am too busy being nervous and “protecting” her. But at this appointment while in the waiting room waiting to be called in for the ultrasound there was a couple of other worried pet parents there and we talked. We kept each other company and helped calm each other’s nerves. And all of the staff was very kind, gentle, and understanding. So even though that appointment was a very scary one, it taught me something…that my vet isn’t a “bad place.”

So this time for her annual check up I did things differently. I prayed as I always do but I left earlier than I normally would so that she could actually be in the car and the carrier longer. I thought this may help her relax before we actually get into the clinic. While in the room waiting for my vet I talked to the staff some and I even took some pictures.


The clinic just finished remodeling the whole place and it looks great! I love the animal artwork everywhere. (I tried to get a picture of Cino but didn’t have much luck. She is in the carrier curled up but it’s a very cozy carrier)

When the vet came in I tried to set aside my “nervous nelly” self and make conversation with him. We, of course, also talked about how Cino is doing and thank God she came out with a good report.

There was a student in the room with us who just finished her first year of veterinary school. She was following my vet around to learn more about the field. This isn’t the first time I have seen this. There have been young kids that have come to just help out and some that have shadowed the vet to decide if this is what they want to go to school for.

This is the place that has a number of resident cats they have taken in and given a home. Even ones who were to be euthanized for ridiculous reasons and they just couldn’t do it. I have featured the cats in posts before.

This is a place where my vet always draws a pic of Cino and writes her name on the back of her rabies tag.

Version 2

This is a place that when the appointment was over my vet gave me a hug.

This is a place where over time I have learned that Cino isn’t just a number to them.

This is isn’t a “bad place”, but a “good place.”

So once I left, I again took my time, instead of rushing her home to her “safe place.” I wanted her to feel the breeze from the car windows and feel the car ride. I wondered why I hadn’t taken this approach years ago. Maybe if I would’ve she wouldn’t be as nervous either.

In the end I am so grateful for the answered prayers to get her into her carrier this morning and her good report. And I am so grateful for such a caring vet clinic. Another year down and a lesson learned…it really is how you react that matters!

5 thoughts on “It’s How You React That Matters

  1. Lauren

    Effie is terrified riding in the car, but she calms down once we’re at the vet’s office. They are all wonderful there, always patient with Effie.
    Paladin and Halvor on the other hand are fine about riding in the car and with the vet staff. I’m the only nervous one in the room!

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