If You See It, Don’t Ignore It

With this week’s insanely cold temperatures I worried every day & night about any animals out there. I can’t stand the thought of a dog hooked to a chain, a bunny stuck in a cage, or cat being left outside to endure the temperatures when there is a warm house feet away. When people choose to leave their pets outside during these dangerous temperatures, let’s face it, the animal’s life is at stake.


If you see this…do something.

7 thoughts on “If You See It, Don’t Ignore It

  1. Lauren

    I would not brave a trespass conviction, but I would call the Animal Shelter if they were open, otherwise the police or sheriff. In our county, law enforcement officers have keys to the Animal Shelter and can always bring pets in, 24-7.

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  2. nickis555

    It makes me sick that people leave their pets out in this! I have a different issue that I worry about. I feed ferals and strays, and we put out shelters for them. I wish we could do more for them, but we just can’t afford it. We have pet heating pads in 2 of the shelters, the others have straw and some are insulated a little bit. We have heated water bowls also. I worry so much about them, especially the 2 that don’t leave our porches much. I am certain they used to be owned by someone, because they let us pet them and they are always trying to come into the house. It breaks my heart. Yesterday morning when I went out to check on them and feed them, they had frost on their whiskers and cheeks, and one of them had frost on his back. He took a long time to stop shivering while I held him under a blanket with me. The other one’s fur is much thicker, but he welcomed me sitting on a blanket with him. He won’t let me pick him up, but he leans on me while I pet him. It was -10 when I went to bed, so I imagine it was about that for overnight.
    Sorry for the long reply. Anyway, I like your posts and this one is certainly timely.

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    1. Lauren

      You are certainly good-hearted. Our Paladin was feral and also very friendly with us. He would come over for lunch and sometimes breakfast and dinner. He has a delightful personality. After months of visits, I decided he needed a home: ours. We took him to the shelter clinic where he was neutered, vaccinated, and wormed. Immediately after he was neutered he was no longer afraid of coming into our house. He and our Effie, who is spayed, have wonderful times together in Effieland, an enclosed garden, and in our house. We adore them both and feel very blessed to have them with us.

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    2. Animals Are Feeling Beings Too Post author

      It sounds like you do as much as you can for feral cats. That’s all anyone can do. We just got over -30 weather here with a windchill making it feel like -50. All I did was worry about any animals that might be out there. Thank you for your comment. I’m so glad you enjoy my posts.

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  3. enugen

    I do something about abuse and neglect to animals because there are not enough people that do. They think someone else will do it or they are afraid to get into trouble or be shot by the crazy human that thinks they “own” the animal. I live in Wisconsin where it’s insanely cold too. I feed feral cats outside and have set up my shed with a heated cat house and heated water dish and food every day. Straw and the totes made with straw inside and layers to help keep them warm. I have pets inside, and worry sick about the ones that will not come to me. It is impossible to catch them too! I pray for them…please God watch over them and hold them in Your hands.

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