5 thoughts on “Clear The Shelter…A Good Idea?

  1. Webdesign YCR

    You’r right to give this event some serious thoughts.
    I think such a give-away-event can only be done when the shelter puts serious efforts in checking the new owners and be sure to follow them up.
    The timing isn’t the best, ’cause animals/pets are no holiday-presents.
    Thanks for your post 💌

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    1. Animals Are Feeling Beings Too Post author

      I commented on their post about my concerns and they are sharing research with me showing that the difference between keeping them and being responsible pet parents is no different whether the pay to adopt or they are free. But I am more concerned with the people who seek out opportunities for free animals when their intentions are only to torture and harm them.

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      1. colinandray

        …. or simply sell them for ready cash … or for research. No animal should be a free gift for anybody. Our species has not developed to the point where they can be trusted not to abuse/misuse such a gift.

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