Sunday Pause (Paws): Search For Joy In It All

It’s Sunday! Time to kick back and relax.

Winter has felt relentless so far this season. But through it all when you pause and look around you can see that it can actually be very beautiful. Seeing the beauty can bring joy to such a gloomy season.

The picture below is from right outside my door. Not so bad seeing that each day.


There are less animals out & about also (at least that we see). But every now & then you are fortunate to see one of God’s amazing creatures out frolicking. My friend took the picture below of the deer and I edited it.


Not too long ago when I was walking up my sidewalk I heard what I assumed was an animal running in the wooded area you see in the first picture in this post. I looked over and there peeking at me from behind a snowbank was a deer. We just stared at each other for about a minute. I wanted to get my camera out so bad but I was worried it would scare him into the street (the woods meet up with a main street not too far out). The deer’s safety was my main concern so I quietly continued to my door while he cautiously kept an eye on me.

I was driving home from work the other day in yet another snow storm. I was frustrated, tired, and stressed from the drive. When I got off the highway and was on a street that no one else was on, it was just me driving my car with the headlights shining on the snowy road I noticed the white all over the trees, the bushes, the houses, and the road. It was so beautiful! I immediately calmed down and saw the snow storm in a different view.

So in the dirty, messy, and annoying season of winter with lots of gloomy days, when we look around at the beauty in it too…we can find some joy. 🙂

Hope you have a joyful day. If you don’t just hug your pet….that will do it!♥️

Happy Sunday!
*I couldn’t not put this thought in here since it popped in my head when I was writing.

Speaking  of concern about the safety of the deer over the picture it made me think of how you hear all of these stories of people putting another living being at such risk of harm (emotionally and/or physically) to get a picture with them. To me that is nothing but selfishness.

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