Sunday Pause (Paws): Birds & Nature Pulling It All Together

It’s Sunday! Time to kick back and relax.

I‘m working on pulling together a few of the rooms in our new place. The pics in the collage are some of the main items and color scheme I am going with for a bedroom. It’s funny because I’m thinking when it’s all done it might be my favorite room and it started off my least favorite.


I love the beauty of nature and the beautiful beings that live in it. I’m enjoying the bird decorative items and they inspired this poem.

Awesome birds able to spread their wings
They can fly in the sky both high and low
We’re fortunate at times to hear them sing
When they land right outside our window

A part of nature so wonderfully beautiful
Meant to be flying, meant to be free
Enjoying the sun and warmth of the day
Then finding rest on the branch of a tree

Copyright LeeAnn Johnston/Animals Are Feeling Beings Too

I have a tree right outside my bedroom window. It is gorgeous in the fall. I haven’t experienced a spring or summer yet in the new place but I know I’ll have birds stopping by the tree.

I can’t wait to finish pulling the room together. 😊 It will be such a cheery and relaxing place to be. That’s what nature does.

Enjoy your day and Happy Sunday!

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